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Send her victorious - Alexander Cordell

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Send her victorious
Alexander Cordell
Severn House
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Undoubtedly influenced by the political success of the Chartist Rebellion in Britain, the French people, suffering under a new aristocracy, besiege Paris and maul the magnificent Tuileries.

Fearing a repeat of the Terror of 1789, King Louis Philippe flees to England, and the newly-reborn French aristocracy run for their lives. Even the Pope deserts the Vatican - Europe is in turmoil.

Fearing economic and social collapse, the French provisional government distracts world attention by seeking out a Queen Victoria ""look-alike"", one Madame Alicia Bernard, presently employed for this purpose in Buckingham Palace, and then lay claim that they have succeeded in abducting Victoria for trial in Paris for ""crimes against the poor"". This based upon Britain's bloody colonial wars, and Victoria's apparent disregard for the wounded.

Into this haunted scene Alicia Bernard stands alone before the howling mobs of Paris, until barrister Andr Pelon is appointed to defend her at her trial before the French judiciary: the two are beset by the mob on one hand, and supported by the radical heroes of France on the other.

This is Cordell at his story-telling best; meticulous historical research blended into a narrative of plot and counter-plot that weaves a tapestry of terror ending in an astonishing denouement.

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