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Slingshot - Gabor George Burt

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Slingshot - Re-Imagine Your Business Re-Imagine Your Life
Gabor George Burt
Paperback / softback
Franklin Green Publishing
UK Publication Date

Slingshot explores the connection between systematic creativity and smart strategy.

What if you could reignite your childhood creativity in a systematic way, to overstep self-imposed limitations and to discover what you are really capable of achieving? It's all here at your fingertips. Defy conventional wisdom and give reign to your imagination for success in your business and your life.
Continuous innovation is both necessary and exhilarating, and we all possess the inner capacity for it. Our capacity has simply been buried and lays dormant within us. As children, our imagination knew no boundaries. We would grab a slingshot and be instantly transformed into a warrior, a spy, a huntress, or protector of treasure. But as we grew older, our intellectual comfort zone shifted from that of continuous exploration and inquisitiveness to that of conformity with accepted norms of perception. All is not lost, however. We just need the right framework to re-engage our youthful creativity: the Slingshot Framework.
Find out why you need to infatuate your target audience and to provide them continuous lifestyle enrichment; how to become market-driving and to shape your offering for broadest relevance; and how to channel your reclaimed creativity into smart strategy. Launch yourself to new business and personal heights and have fun doing it.
Re-enforcing the book's message, brilliant illustrations by children accompany the text from beginning to end, while original music and toy slingshots (accessible via ) provide readers with a truly multi-sensory experience.

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There are compelling reasons why 'Slingshot' was chosen as the title of this book.My purpose in writing it was to show a practical path to unconventional thinking and to inspire a re-connection with our natural, childhood creativity - as a foundation for formulating successful strategies.

"Recreating that childlike wonder and infatuation in business, work and life." - American Express Guru Review by Matthew E. May

"Slingshot is a great exploration of how to be great in the world!" - Jeff Hayzlett, former CMO of Eastman-Kodak, change agent and marketing authority, author of The Mirror Test

"I am really drawn to Slingshot." - Sir Ken Robinson, leading global expert on education and creativity, best-selling author

"Slingshot opens up possibilities - no preconceptions, no boundaries." - Jonathan Hornby, director of worldwide marketing, SAS (voted America's best company to work for)

"An uplifting and universal blueprint for inventive thinking." - Chip Conley, founder and executive chairman of Joie de Vivre, second largest boutique hotel company in the U.S., acclaimed author

"Slingshot is like looking at things through the other end of a telescope." - Dave Stewart, legendary musician and fearless innovator

"This is a rare book. Playful yet informed, creative and proven." - Rob Bell, spiritual pioneer and best-selling author, on TIME's "100 Most Influential People" list

"Slingshot helps to understand how much you need to find new solutions." - Barbara Kuit, co-architect of the world's tallest tower

"Slingshot enables the critical link between creativity and effective application." - Dudley 'Tal' Stokes, 4-time Olympian, founding member of the Jamaican Bobsled Team, entrepreneur

"I love defying conventional wisdom. Great spirit to this book." - Richard Lobel, executive vice president, CBS Radio

"The concepts of Slingshot come at a time when we must learn to re-tap our imaginations!" - Evan Farmer, visionary artist and television personality

"This book helps us unleash the vast potential of regained creativity and apply it in business, art, and other pursuits of our adult life." - Erno Rubik, inventor of the Rubik's Cube (the world's best-selling toy)

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