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Smells Like - Becky Asbury

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Smells Like - Drugs, Music, and Life in the 90's
Becky Asbury
Paperback / softback
Estep & Fitzgerald Literary Publishing
UK Publication Date

Mosh pits, Venice Beach, raves, mind-blowing concerts, snowboarding, hipster record stores...This was the 90's for Becky Asbury. She was part of Generation X, the MTV generation. They were the first generation to be heavily affected by divorce and broken homes. They were the generation whose mothers went back to work in droves. The generation of many latch-key kids, raised in after-school programs. They grew up searching for their identity. They were numb, they were bored, they were angry, cynical, and alienated. They were called unfocused, uncommitted, apathetic slackers. But the truth was, they were lost. SMELLS LIKE is a true story about a girl who came from a typical eighties middle-class family and what happened after her home life was shattered. Some kids ran off and caused chaos, but Becky Asbury turned quietly to drugs, namely Crystal Meth. How did she get drugs? What did it feel like to do them? What did it do to her physically and mentally? Read true diary entries from the life of a girl in 1990's Los Angeles trying to figure out who she was; working in record stores, listening to Grunge, and all the while wishing she could get it together and become a ballet dancer. Grab your flannel shirt and put in your nose ring, it's time to dive back into the decade that reminded us that sometimes you have to lose yourself in order to find yourself.

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