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Stand, speak, deliver! - Vaughan Evans

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Stand, speak, deliver!
Vaughan Evans
Paperback / softback
UK Publication Date

Public speaking and presenting rank in the top ten of people's greatest fears. Yet being able to speak coherently and persuasively in a speech, seminar or meeting room is important when progressing our careers and living our lives to the fullest.

In this book, 37 pithy, lively and witty mini-speeches tell us how to construct and deliver a speech or presentation.
Each example speech follows a simple, perfect structure which will soon become imprinted in your mind. Each focuses on one facet of speaking and gives you the very essentials picked up by the author over 25 years of experience.

And each speech will entertain as much as inform you.

Stand, Speak, Deliver! will enable you to learn how to use your eyes, vary your voice and move your body. It will also look at how to inform, entertain, humour, persuade, motivate or inspire the audience; how to present, to colleagues or clients; how to introduce a speaker; and how to wow as best man.

And you will discover the ultimate secret...!

Read the book, enjoy it and you will survive as a speaker. Follow it and you will thrive!

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Vaughan Evans is a consultant in business strategy and author of many top-selling business books.
He has also been a leading performer on the amateur speaking circuit for 25 years.
He has won dozens of speaking contests and is known primarily for the vitality, humour and sheer buzz he injects into every speech.

As importantly, he has nurtured and mentored dozens of speakers over the years.
He has helped transform hesitant speakers into confident speakers and good speakers into great speakers.

This is an extraordinary book that will immediately improve your ability to stand up and speak to any audience on any subject.
Brian Tracy, success guru

This book fizzes with vitality and oozes valuable advice. Ideal for the starter speaker - and some neat tips too for those further along the road.
Yvonne Jordan, Britain and Ireland Champion of Public Speaking

There is a real danger that this book will turn public speaking into something that you can actually enjoy.
Graham Davies, speaker and author of The Presentation Coach

This book ticks so many boxes with its many different tips and techniques but also adds the lighter touch, the sprinkling of humour throughout.
Enjoy the ride!
Sue Warner, founder, Speakers Trust

This is a zingy, inspiring and practical book, peppered with scintillating quotes and examples. I love the many acronyms, like EET, 3Rs etc. It really fired me up - and I learned a lot!
Cao Jun Cao, PhD researcher, novice speaker

As a speaker, Vaughan has tremendous charisma and a sense of fun - but he also possesses rich insight into the art of public speaking. Packed with practical tips, advice and wisdom, this book gives you a short-cut to more than 25 years of his public speaking expertise - and wit! Highly recommended, especially to those new to the art.
Simon Bucknell, speaker, coach, Britain and Ireland Champion of Public Speaking, 2006 & 2007

This is a wonderful work, shining with inspiration, humour and common sense (the least common of the senses). Beautifully written and filled with anecdotes, it is a must-have speaking tool. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned speaker, this book will help you to get to the next level AND have fun while getting there!
Sonia Aste, comedian

Vaughan Evans is a very experienced speaker, offering a unique format but also a viewpoint gained in the school of hard knocks. This is simple, practical, common-sense advice, given in a distinctively readable and accessible manner.
Jock Elliott, World Champion of Public Speaking, 2011

Practical, effective and proven ways to improve your speaking, conveyed with great wit. Not surprising - Vaughan learnt it all from his contemporaries - Dickens, Twain, Wilde...!
Aldous Lippard, marketing manager

This is a smashing read. Vaughan Evans writes as he speaks, with authority, passion and confidence. Read this book and, just as if you were listening to him, you will come away educated, entertained and informed - or you will wake up refreshed!
Mike Silverman, media executive, former governor of Toastmasters in Britain and Ireland

Hugely entertaining and thoroughly useful. Reading this book is like watching playback of my favourite comedy show - I can skip, fast forward or rewind at will to a punchline that hits - or bombs! This book is a true gift - a lifetime of wisdom and practical help to anyone who gives a damn about effective communication.
Lo Luong Lo, investor, experienced speaker

Just as Vaughan's voice is easy on the ear, so this book is easy on the eye and flows instinctively through the art of engaging your audience. It had me laughing, it had me crying. Unfortunately I was laughing at the serious bits and crying at the humour (where did I nick that from?). It's not a dry summation of learning to speak publicly - it oozes passion and is an articulate, fascinating, funny, informative, instructive and highly entertaining work.
Jeremy Mitchell, eccentric speaker of 15+ years' experience

I walked into a Toastmasters meeting in 1995 not knowing what to expect. It was a life-changing experience. So many good speakers and a few brilliant ones. Vaughan Evans was one of the few. If you can't join the club, buy this book!
Bill Russell, speaker, improviser, Britain and Ireland Champion of Impromptu Speaking, 1999 & 2002

There's a reason most of us would rather be lying in the casket than delivering the eulogy. Public speaking, scary though it seems, is a blend of art and science - and Vaughan Evans shares the secrets with generosity and humour. Armed with 100% proven strategies, his wisdom is all you need to wow an audience of any size or disposition.
Max Eames, Harley Street psychotherapist and author of Strings into Steel

If I believed I couldn't speak in public, but I HAD to do it, I'd read this book. Then I'd know I could do it. The secret is in here, all in one place. This book will do three quarters of the work. The rest is practice. I've got half a bookshelf of public speaking books - I'm binning them! This one replaces the lot. You may not have Vaughan's wonderful voice, but he's giving everything else away. Grab it!
Jenny Cutler, speaker of 15+ years' experience

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