Terminator: Resistance

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The grim future war segments of the first two Terminator games are the stuff that shoot-'em-ups have been made of for decades, so we're about due a game that builds them out into a fully fledged first person shooter. Terminator: Resistance, while released in time for the film Dark Fate, plows its own furrow, whisking players off to a murky future 31 years after Judgment Day.

You play as a red shirt fighter in the resistance called Jacob Rivers who, for reasons that will become apparent over the course of the game, has been singled out for death by the terminators. You'll need to amass and upgrade a powerful arsenal to take down the relentless, iconic terminators, but there's often more than one way to skin a skeletal death-dealing machine. Stealth sections open up different maps and there's often more than one way to deal with a mission.

If you loved the grim, hard-hitting action of the first two Terminator films then Resistance will carry you away to a bleak, punishing future that you're going to love.

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