The Simpsons: Complete Season 3

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20th Century Studios
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All 24 episodes from the third series of the groundbreaking animated comedy series. In 'Stark Raving Dad' Homer is committed to a mental asylum and shares a room with a man who thinks he's Michael Jackson. In 'Mr Lisa Goes to Washington' Lisa wins the regional round of an essay competition to win a trip to Washington. But a chance encounter sends her on an anti-corruption crusade. In 'When Flanders Failed' Flanders opens up a left-handed shop but finds it hard to get customers, until Bart gets involved. 'Bart the Murderer' sees Bart become the errand boy for the local mafia and ends up on trial for the murder of Skinner. In 'Homer Defined' Bart becomes a hero when he saves the plant from meltdown, but then becomes a loser when he reveals he didn't know how he did it. 'Like Father Like Clown' sees Krusty's background revealed. 'Treehouse of Horror II: A Simpsons Halloween' sees Lisa, Homer and Bart having nightmares after too many Halloween sweets. In 'Lisa's Pony' Homer buys Lisa a pony and ends up in financial trouble. 'Saturdays of Thunder' sees Homer trying to be a good father. 'Flaming Moe's' sees Moe taking all the credit for the recipe of a new drink that Homer gave him. In 'Burns Verkaufen der Kraftwerk' the plant is sold to a German company and Homer loses his job. In 'I Married Marge' Homer tells the kids the story of his and Marge's courtship. 'Radio Bart' sees Bart fooling the media into thinking a boy is trapped in a well. 'Lisa the Greek' sees Lisa help Bart to win alot of money. In 'Homer Alone' Marge gets a well-earned holiday, alone. 'Bart the Lover' sees Bart involved in the personal ads. 'Homer at the Bat' sees the plant getting a baseball team. In 'Separate Vocations' Lisa is told she would make a good housewife, whilst Bart is told he should be a cop. 'Dog of Death' sees the family having to make cut-backs to pay vet fees. 'Colonel Homer' sees Homer becoming manager to a country singer. In 'Black Widower' Sideshow Bob marries Selma but Bart is suspicious of Bob's motives. In 'The Otto Show' Bart takes up guitar and Otto comes to live with the Simpsons.In 'Bart's Friends Fall in Love' Millhouse falls in love and Bart makes friends with Martin. Finally, in 'Brother Can You Spare Two Dimes?' Homer's brother Herb turns up borrows $2,000 from Homer and then makes alot of money.

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Voice: Dan Castellaneta
Voice: Julie Kavner
Voice: Nancy Cartwright
Voice: Yeardley Smith
Voice: Hank Azaria
Voice: Harry Shearer
Voice: Michael Jackson
Voice: Joe Mantegna
Voice: Pamela Hayden
Voice: Jon Lovitz
Voice: Jackie Mason
Voice: Maggie Roswell
Voice: Phil Hartman
Voice: Aerosmith
Voice: Sting
Voice: Steve Allen
Voice: Beverly D'Angelo
Voice: Kelsey Grammer
Voice: Christopher Guest
Voice: Joe Frazier
Voice: Danny DeVito

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