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The anticipatory organization - Daniel Burrus

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The anticipatory organization - turn disruption and change into opportunity and advantage : based on an award-winning learning system that has changed how leading companies plan and innovate
Daniel Burrus
Greenleaf Book Group Press
UK Publication Date

Technology-driven change is accelerating at an exponential rate, but moving fast in the wrong direction will only get you into trouble faster! Reacting to problems and digital disruptions, no matter how agile you and your organization are, is no longer good enough.
The Anticipatory Organization teaches you how to separate the Hard Trends that will happen, from the Soft Trends that might happen, allowing you to jump ahead with low risk and the confidence certainty can provide. Accelerate innovation and actively shape the future - before someone else does it for you!
Digital transformation has divided us all into two camps: the disruptor and the disrupted. The Anticipatory Organization gives you the tools you need to see disruption before it happens, allowing you to turn change into advantage. In The Anticipatory Organization, Burrus shows us that the future is far more certain than we realize, and finding certainty in an uncertain world provides a big advantage for those who know how and where to look for it.
Inspired by the dramatic results that organizations are experiencing from his award-winning learning system, The Anticipatory Organization offers a comprehensive way to identify game-changing opportunities. Using the principles of this proven model, you will learn how to elevate planning, accelerate innovation, and transform results by pinpointing and acting upon enormous opportunities waiting to be discovered.
Readers will learn how to: Separate the Hard Trends that will happen from the Soft Trends that might happen; Anticipate disruptions, problems, and game-changing opportunities; Identify and pre-solve predictable problems; Accelerate innovation (both everyday innovation and exponential innovation); Pinpoint and act upon enormous untapped opportunities. Skip problems and barriers to succeed faster.

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First edition
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xiv, 195

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