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The book of chance - John Hodgson

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The book of chance - your guide to the risks of modern living
John Hodgson
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Did you know that:

* There are 250,000 ideal partners out there just for you?

* Two-thirds of French lovers keep their watches on during sex?

* The chances of a doctor getting the right diagnosis and acting on it are, somewhat scarily, less than 20 per cent?

* Grown men do cry, but five times less frequently than big girls; British men, however, sob more than Israeli men.

* Chocolate can reduce your risk of a heart attack and increase your chances of getting lucky on a first date?

Modern living is a risky business. Is it safer to rise at seven in the morning or seven in the evening? Should you take the car to work or use public transport? And when you get there, would it be better to risk the creaky elevator or the slippery stairs? Is the radiation from your computer going to get first to your eyes, your brain or your nether regions? And is that amorous co-worker interested in lifetime commitment, or just a quick romp after a few drinks on a Friday night? And are they really telling you the truth about their background?

And if you survive the week at work, should you chill out with a round of golf (and risk using your five iron as a lightning conductor)? Or might it be safer to try bungee jumping? Perhaps it might be best to just wait at home for the burglar, arsonist or Boeing 747 to destroy your home? And what about multiple risks? If you?re a topless chain smoker in San Francisco, are you more likely to be finished off by lung cancer, skin cancer or an earthquake? All of this is enough to make you forget all about the possibility that the next hurtling meteorite may not miss the earth.

Organised into easy-to-use categories such as ?Sex?, ?The Mating Game?, ?Gambling?, ?Sport?, ?Money Matters? ?Childhood?, The Book of Chance is the book to spark conversation, settle arguments, amaze and occasionally terrify. We live uncertain times: the question this book answers is: ?how uncertain??

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John Hodgson is Senior Editor at Nature magazine. He regularly writes humorously about science in this journal, and others.

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