The cocktail waitress - James Cain



Unfortunately it looks like someone took the last one.

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The cocktail waitress
James Cain
Paperback / softback
Hard Case Crime
UK Publication Date
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James M Cain achieved worldwide overnight fame when he published his first novel, The Postman Always Rings Twice, in 1934.
The classics Double Indemnity and Mildred Pierce followed, reinforcing Cain's reputation as the great chronicler of crimes of passion, typically set against a working-class backdrop during the Great Depression. His books have inspired many classic movies.

"This is vintage Cain ... Let's go get that book, baby. Let's read it. Let's get stinko." - The Washington Post

"entertaining and cleverly plotted" - Editors' Choice, New York Times

for the endpoint of a long and meaningful career, Cain saves his best
twist for the very last page of his very last book, a haymaker from the
blind side, so carefully finessed and camouflaged through the book as to
bring a tear to a glass eye - another writer's jealous acknowledgment.
It is a moment that draws Joan's world and Cain's view of desire and
consequence into tight focus. One thinks of the author well into his
ninth decade, setting down those final passages with a hidden smile and a
writer's certain knowledge that they won't see this coming. He was
right." - New York Times

"I think James M. Cain is one novelist who has something to teach just about any writer, and delight just about any reader. The Postman Always Rings Twice was a work of genius. So it's good news that The Cocktail Waitress, Cain's last novel has finally been published." - Anne Rice

and absorbing.pulses with more authentic primal energy than the work of
any number of Cain imitators from the 1930s to the present." - Wall Street Journal

"The Cocktail Waitress
found among his papers after a decade-long search and has never been
published.until now. After burying her abusive husband on page 1 of the
book, Joan takes a job waitressing to make ends meet, and winds up
meeting two new men: a wealthy but repulsive older man and a handsome
young schemer who makes her blood boil. Can you have any doubt that
things will end badly for one or both of them? No, that's not a spoiler -
it's a simple statement of fact when you're talking about a Cain femme
fatale, the deadliest species there is." - Huffington Post

"The Cocktail Waitress is a not-to-be missed crime thriller for all Cain fans ... A rare, hardboiled blast from the past." - Shelf Awareness

"It's easy to fall for a previously unpublished work by Cain, whose oeuvre includes The Postman Always Rings Twice (1934) and Double Indemnity(1943). Fortunately, The Cocktail Waitress-which
the author sought to complete before perishing in 1977-serves up ample
delights (and a few familiar themes). It tells of Joan Medford, a
captivating young mother whose abusive hubby has died under odd
circumstances, and who then takes a job waiting tables in a
dodgy cocktail lounge. There she meets a loaded elderly gent with a bum
ticker, Earl K. White III, as well as the grabby, calculating Tom
Barclay. She weds White out of pragmatism, rather than passion; but
tensions in the continuing relationships between these three players
guarantee trouble. We witness the unfolding drama through Joan's eyes,
while wondering what she's withholding." - Kirkus

most important literary event of 2012 ... This book marks the greatest
achievement of Hard Case Crime in its short existence ... ranks right up
there with anything the author ever wrote in his prime. And in saying
that, it is better than a lot of what gets published today ... Cain
creates a timeless, claustrophobic nightmare that will rock you long
after you put it down ... a noir masterpiece ... THE COCKTAIL WAITRESS
is the book of 2012. And Hollywood should take note: this is going to be
a great film noir movie someday." - Book Reporter

novel will capture you quickly." "It's spicy and riveting." "This is
the kind of book that makes people want to read Hard Case Crime. It's
perfect as an introduction to crime novels or as a refreshing new
offering from an old favorite." "You're definitely going to want to pick
up a copy." - DNM Magazine

"The Cocktail Waitress is another gem for Cain fans - and all lovers of classic noir." - Noir Journal

Books of the year in the Evening Standard (London): "The posthumous publication of James M Cain's The Cocktail Waitress (Hard Case Crime, 16.99) showed the third great noir master - after Hammett and Chandler - as acute on febrile sexuality and dark human urges at the end of his life as he was in Double Indemnity.

"The work is spellbinding and compelling, in the end challenging one's values, beliefs, and prejudices." - San Francisco Book Review

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