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The end of stress - Don Joseph Goewey

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The end of stress - four steps to rewire your brain
Don Joseph Goewey
Paperback / softback
Beyond Words Publishing
UK Publication Date

With this simple, straightforward solution, you can switch your brain's autopilot from habitual stress and anxiety to a mindset that is calm and wired for success.

Stress debilitates and even damages the brain, inhibiting you from living life to the fullest. From your career to your family to your golf score, everything depends on higher brain networks functioning at optimum. That's why alleviating stress is the key to success-and why changing your brain is the first step to sustaining more joy, peace, and fulfilment at every level of life.

In The End of Stress, Don Joseph Goewey offers an easy, four-step method that will increase your brainpower and end anxiety. Drawing on the latest research in neuroscience and neuroplasticity, Goewey's cutting-edge approach has been tested through webinars and seminars in high-stress environments and proven effective from chief executives, managers, and engineers to blue-collar construction workers.

You have the power to reach your highest potential-but it all starts with the brain. The End of Stress gives you the tools you need to transcend stress and make every day your best day.

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Don Joseph Goewey managed the department of psychiatry at Stanford Medical School, ran a regional emergency medical services system, and for twelve years headed an internationally recognized institute that pioneered an approach to catastrophic life events. He has worked with some of the most stressful situations on earth-with people facing terminal illness, parents struggling with the loss of a child, prisoners adjusting to a life sentence, and refugees of the genocidal war in Bosnia struggling with extreme post-traumatic stress.He spent six years directing a think tank aimed at integrating breakthroughs in neuroscience and psychology. From this work, he innovated a model for changing brain structure to extinguish stress reactions and amplify the higher brain function that enables a human being to flourish. The success of the model in helping people end stress in high-pressure workplaces like Cisco Systems and Wells Fargo has been unprecedented.

"The End of Stress is the most compelling book on the market that addresses what is fast becoming the #1 talent management opportunity of the 21st century: stress....A must-read for anyone interested in improving human performance-their own or others."
Eric Severson, Global Vice President of Human Resources at The Gap

"There is no one better qualified than Don Joseph Goewey to offer you a solution to stress that paves the way to a powerful brain to lift your life even higher than where you currently stand. Take my word for it, this book will enable you to attain that goal."
Gerald G. Jampolsky, MD, author of Love is Letting Go of Fear and A Mini Course for Life

"Unlike most regiments, which can feel like work, following The End of Stress feels good."
Barbara Wexler, epidemiologist, medical writer, and author of Reducing Stress

"If your life is hard because of stress...this book is for you! Don Joseph Goewey creates a clear, simple, calming pathway that will move you from chaos to peace of mind."
Jim Horan, President of The One Page Business Plan Company and author of The One Page Business Plan

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New York (State)
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xxiii, 213

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