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The new language of business - Sandy Carter

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The new language of business - SOA & Web 2.0
Sandy Carter
IBM Press
UK Publication Date

  • "This book clearly shows how today's industry pressures and business challenges mandate renewal of the contract between organizations and their IT assets and people-and it illustrates how a service-oriented approach to IT can help organizations go through the necessary transformation. The role of governance in bringing IT and business closer together is particularly well explained, and the book is worth reading for that alone."

    -Neil Ward-Dutton, Research Director, Macehiter Ward-Dutton

    "It's easy to pay lip service to the concept of business/IT alignment, but in The New Language of Business, Sandy Carter walks the walk. Few treatments of SOA ground this admittedly difficult topic in the world of business as thoroughly as Sandy has here. I'd recommend this book to any business reader who wants to leverage IT to make their business more agile and innovative, and to any technical reader who wishes to understand how to place SOA in the business context where it belongs."

    -Jason Bloomberg, Senior Analyst and Principal, ZapThink LLC

    "A very valuable read. In today's globally connected marketplace profitable growth requires business flexibility and continuous innovation, both of which are increasingly proving to be impossible without business modularity and the new table-stakes technology SOA."

    -Ron Williams, Professor, Kenan-Flagler Business School, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

    "Sandy has provided a pragmatic and holistic perspective on Service Oriented Architectures. She adds credibility by sharing IBM's in-depth customer research as well as case studies to support the findings. The book is a strong source book for those wanting to get started with SOA."

    -Judith Hurwitz, President & CEO, Hurwitz & Associates, coauthor,

    Service Oriented Architectures for Dummies

    "Few people have thought as long or as hard about SOA as Sandy Carter. This book embodies her invaluable work and the work of many at IBM to research, define, deploy and make SOA happen. Useful not just from a SOA perspective, but also as a concise articulation of the contemporary concepts fundamental to understanding where business and IT are heading."

    -Carol Baroudi, coauthor Service Oriented Architecture For Dummies, Senior Analyst, Aberdeen Group

    "The New Language of Business: SOA & Web 2.0is based on the collective feedback from industry leaders at organizations of all sizes, in more than 50 countries, who shared their views, experiences, and challenges of aligning technology with business goals."

    -From the foreword by Steve Mills, Senior Vice President and Group Executive,
    IBM Software Group

    There is now a direct, provable link between an organization's flexibility and business performance. To optimize flexibility, companies must achieve unprecedented levels of integration and automation of key processes and infrastructure, both internally and externally. At the same time, they must learn to manage their processes far more dynamically and responsively.

    They must become flex-pon-sive*.

    Until recently, technology stood in the way of achieving these goals. Thanks to the emergence of service oriented architecture (SOA), Web 2.0, and open standards, technology now enables companies to achieve those goals. In The New Language of Business, one of IBM's top SOA strategist demonstrates how business leaders can use innovations in technology to drive dramatic process improvements and support accelerating change.

    Sandy Carter shows how to deconstruct your business into a "componentized" business model, then support that model with linked, repeatable IT services that can adapt quickly, easily, and economically. These techniques will help both IT professionals and business leaders reach new levels of operational excellence to deliver the market-focused innovations that matter most.

    Drive competitive advantage through Service Oriented Architecture

    Leverage the value of business process components and IT services

    Achieve one version of the truth-finally!

    Use information as a service to improve business insight and reduce risk

    Master SOA governance and the service lifecycle

    Manage IT infrastructure for business results, both short-term and long-term

    Start fast: choose from three winning approaches

    Get quick wins with business process management, collaboration or information

    Implement on demand: what works-and what doesn't

    Discover key success factors-and ten critical mistakes to avoid

    Create the flex-pon-sive* business!

    Learn the secrets of success from industry leaders at organizations of all sizes, from over 50 countries-and why SOA was unanimously chosen as the best way to address their challenges

    Leverage the IBM roadmap for SOA and Web 2.0 deployment, plus proven best practices learned in the field

    Understand what it means to be flex-pon-sive*-and how your organization can get there

    In The New Language of Business, senior IBM executive Sandy Carter demonstrates how to leverage SOA, Web 2.0, and related technologies to drive new levels of operational excellence and business innovation.

    Writing for executives and business leaders inside and outside IT, Carter explains why flexibility and responsiveness are now even more crucial to success-and why services-based strategies offer the greatest promise for achieving them.

    You'll learn how to organize your business into reusable process components-and support them with cost-effective IT services that adapt quickly and easily to change. Then, using extensive examples-including a detailed case study describing IBM's own experience-Carter identifies best practices, pitfalls, and practical starting points for success.

    Build the flex-pon-sive* business

    * Flex-pon-sive* companies respond with lightning speed and agility to rapidly changing business needs. Flex-pon-sive* companies are focused on processes that are enabled for change through IT.


    Part I: Start at the Beginning-The Business

    Chapter 1: The Innovation Imperative

    Chapter 2: What Is Flex-pon-sive*?

    Chapter 3: Deconstructing Your Business: Component Business Model

    Part II: A Flexible Business Requires Flexible IT

    Chapter 4: SOA as the DNA of a Flex-pon-sive* and Innovative Company

    Chapter 5: SOA Key Concepts

    Chapter 6: SOA Governance and Service Lifecycle

    Chapter 7: Three Business-Centric SOA Entry Points

    Chapter 8: What about Web 2.0 and SOA? Are They Related?

    Part III: How to Implement Flex-pon-sive* in Your Business

    Chapter 9: The Top 10 Don'ts!

    Chapter 10: Case Study: IBM

    Chapter 11: Putting It All Together



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Sandy Carter is Vice President, SOA & WebSphere Strategy, Channels and Marketing for IBM Corporation. Sandy is responsible for driving IBM's cross-company, worldwide SOA marketing initiatives, and in this role, helps oversee the company's SOA strategy across software, services and hardware and sets the company's SOA marketing direction. Sandy has played a critical role in helping to identify SOA acquisition targets and ensure the successful integration of these organizations into the IBM SOA portfolio. Additionally, she directs SOA messaging and content, leading a global team in driving customer demand for IBM and IBM Business Partner SOA solutions.

Sandy's track record speaks for itself: 4Q2006 marked the fourth consecutive quarter of double-digit WebSphere Family growth, and the WebSphere brand has won seven industry awards. In addition, she has helped IBM's SOA initiatives consistently earn third party validation and top leadership rankings by analysts and pundits alike, as evidenced by these reports: Dwight B. Davis, from Ovum said, "IBM's approach to the SOA market is more comprehensive and more coherent than any other vendor's plan at the moment.", while Barrons reported "SOA has become a buzzword for the growing trend throughout the IT industry to make computer systems more flexible and adaptable to changing business needs.
IBM sells more than three times as much in SOA products and services as anyone else."

Sandy is a frequent speaker at industry events sponsored by Gartner Group, IDC, Women in Technology (WITI), and Infoworld magazine and has the leading blog in the industry for SOA. Her professional associations include member and winner of the Best Speaker Award, the Marketing Focus Advisory Council; Board Member of the Grace Hopper Industry Advisory Committee; and membership in Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Inner Circle. She is a recipient of the 2005 AIT United Nations Member of the Year award for helping developing countries in the area of technology. She is an active member of Women in Technology and the Co-Lead IBM Partnership Executive at Duke University.

Sandy holds a Bachelor of Science degree in math and computer science from Duke University and an MBA from Harvard, and is fluent in eight programming languages. For more information, please visit Sandy's blog at:

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