The REALLY Funny KNOCK! KNOCK! Joke Book For Kids - Mickey MacIntyre

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The REALLY Funny KNOCK! KNOCK! Joke Book For Kids - Over 150 Side-splitting, Rib-tickling KNOCK! KNOCK! Jokes. Plus Top 10 Tips For Telling The Best Jokes
Mickey MacIntyre
Paperback / softback
Bell & MacKenzie Publishing
UK Publication Date

The REALLY Funny KNOCK! KNOCK! Joke Book For Kids.

Kids love jokes and KNOCK! KNOCK! jokes are some of the simplest & funniest kids jokes around.

The REALLY funny KNOCK! KNOCK! joke book is jam-packed with over 150 side-splitting, rib-tickling jokes that will have the kids giggling for hours on end.

Joke books are a great way to help kids read for fun, practice their skills of perception & humour and boost their social confidence. Plus with the Top Ten Tips for telling the best jokes, kids will love perfecting their delivery skills in front of an audience...even if that's only mum or dad, Auntie Betty or the family dog!....all of whom we're sure will be chuckling with laughter.

About The Author:

Mickey MacIntyre is a dad to 4 young kids ranging from 4-11 years all of whom have their very own unique sense of humour and can't resist making up their very own KNOCK! KNOCK! Jokes, many of which are included in this collection.

Kids we hope you love them!

KNOCK! KNOCK! .......

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