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The river of time - I. D Novikov

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The river of time
I. D Novikov
Paperback / softback
Cambridge University Press
UK Publication Date

Can we change the past? The surprising answer to this question can be found in the final chapters of this book. Novikov details the development of our views on time from classical Greece to the modern day, presenting the figures who have contributed to the evolution of our knowledge as real people and placing them in the context of their own time. He also describes in detail the current state of research in such areas as time machines, the start of time and why does time pass: areas on which he himself has worked. The author's own personal experiences, of the old Soviet Union, of research and visits to other researchers, add a unique personal touch. Accessible to all, the engaging style and wonderful illustrations make this book hugely enjoyable to read.

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' ... insights into the nature of time pepper Novikov's delightful book ... It's all mind-boggling stuff. But Novikov, a brilliant Russian astrophysicist, breaks up the brain twisting theory with personal reminiscences of his life'. Marcus Chown, New Scientist

' ... Novikov's account, translated from Russian, is like a family walk along the High Street, with regular trips down interesting side streets and into intriguing looking shops! ... The book is well within the grasp of the intelligent A-level student ... Back to the future, here we come!' Gordon Miller, School Science Review

' ... easy and enjoyable to read.' Bill Unruh, Physics World

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