Treasure Island - Robert Louis Stevenson

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Treasure Island
Robert Louis Stevenson
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Long John Silver, his pirates and the crew of the Hispaniola are heading for Skeleton Island to seek hidden treasure. Adventure, bravery and skullduggery galore ensue.Is it a ... treasure map?'So begins Jim Hawkins's adventure, as he swaps life at home with his mother for life on the open sea. Aboard the Hispaniola with a crew of double-crossing pirates, he must survive trickery and violence in pursuit of an ancient horde of jewels. What he finally finds on the island, however, is a treasure beyond his imagining...Robert Louis Stevenson's popular classic is given dramatic life in this exuberant and entertaining new play. Offering a great introduction to Stevenson's text and a variety of parts for a large ensemble, Ken Ludwig's drama is perfect for Years 7 and 8.The resource material looks at historical pirates and their hold on popular imagination, adventure yarns, the life and writing of Stevenson, as well as practical staging advice and a range of reading, writing, and speaking and listening activities.

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Robert Lewis Balfour Stevenson was born on 13 November 1850, changing his second name to 'Louis' at the age of eighteen. He has always been loved and admired by countless readers and critics for 'the excitement, the fierce joy, the delight in strangeness, the pleasure in deep and dark adventures' found in his classic stories and, without doubt, he created some of the most horribly unforgettable characters in literature and, above all, Mr. Edward Hyde.

A good version of this story should make the pirates sinister and menancing as Stevenson did. This one strikes me as vivid, with some exciting violent and practical language.
Secondary English teacher

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