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Use your head - Dr Daniel Freeman

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Use your head - a guided tour of the human mind
Dr Daniel Freeman
Paperback / softback
John Murray
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What makes us tick?

Why do we feel happy, sad or anxious?

Does our IQ affect how successful we are at work?

Why are we attracted to some people and not to others?

Can our personalities influence how long we live?

How much should we trust our decision-making skills?

Learn to think like a psychologist with the Freeman brothers as they uncover the secrets of the mind. Find out why younger siblings have a reputation for being rebellious; what facial symmetry has to do with sexual attractiveness; and why the power of intuition is often vastly overrated. Packed with key insights, fascinating facts and entertaining anecdotes, Use Your Head is essential reading.

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Professor Daniel Freeman is one of the UK's leading clinical psychologists. He is a Professor of Clinical Psychology and Medical Research Council (MRC) Senior Clinical Fellow at the University of Oxford. He was awarded the 2008 May Davidson prize by the British Psychological Society which marks 'an outstanding contribution to the development of clinical psychology. A key figure in the latest developments in cognitive behaviour therapy, he teaches clinicians around the world.

'A hugely enjoyable guide to the innermost workings of the mind. Wide-ranging, authoritative, and entertaining, Use Your Head is popular science writing at its best'
Professor Lewis Wolpert, University College London

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