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What nurses know-- gluten-free lifestyle - Sylvia Llewelyn Bower

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What nurses know-- gluten-free lifestyle
Sylvia Llewelyn Bower
Paperback / softback
Demos Health
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Coeliac Disease and gluten intolerance are sensitivities to the gluten in wheat. People with Coeliac Disease have a genetic predisposition, causing the proteins in wheat, barley and rye to create an inflammatory process in the small intestine. For a person with Coeliac Disease, it is absolutely mandatory to maintain a strict diet for life. Currently there is no other treatment. The gluten-free lifestyle may also reduce the risk of many other diseases, including Cancer, caused by the inflammatory process. What Nurses Know . . . Gluten-Free Lifestyle provides medical-based advice with a common sense leaning that people expect from Nurses. The book explains the differences between Coeliac Disease, gluten intolerance and gluten allergy. Tips and suggestions are provided for setting up a gluten-free kitchen, what to watch for in medications, how to safely dine out and travel. The book includes a One Week Simple Healing Meal Plan to introduce how to eat gluten free and be healthy. Written in a user-friendly style, it will be easy for people to access the information they want and need without dealing with complex data or details.

About the series

Nurses hold a critical role in modern health care that goes beyond their day-to-day duties. They share more information with patients than any other provider group, and are alongside patients twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, offering understanding of complex health issues, holistic approaches to ailments and advice for the patient that extends to the family.

Nurses themselves are a powerful tool in the healing process. What Nurses Know gives down-to-earth information, addresses consumers as equal partners in their care and explains clearly what readers need to know and want to know to understand their condition and move forward with their lives.

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Sylvia Llewelyn Bower lives with celiac disease, and has been a practicing nurse for 43 years. She has participated in the Gluten Free Gang, one of the first celiac disease support group, for over thirteen years. She is a member of the Ohio Nurses Association, she has spoken multiple times at the National Annual Celiac Conference. She has published articles in a variety of media outlets including the Gluten Intolerance Group Magazine.

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