What should I do? - Alexander George



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What should I do? - philosophers on the good, the bad, and the puzzling
Alexander George
Paperback / softback
Oxford University Press
UK Publication Date

Is it ever OK to be dishonest? Is it wrong to enjoy violent video games, or to cheat on one's tax returns? Should we be vegetarians? When is war justified? Are there any moral facts, or is morality relative?Life throws ethical questions at us every day. Some are momentous and difficult, while others are relatively trivial and easily worked out; still others lodge themselves in our heads and bother us for years. We regularly encounter controversial issues (such as prostitution, abortion, or racial profiling), tricky conundrums (Would I be wrong to take advantage of my teacher's forgetfulness? When should I allow my teenage daughter to have a boyfriend? Are we responsible for our emotions?), andclassic problems (What is the relation between religion and morality? Is suicide wrong? Why should we be moral?)Philosophers have engaged with these questions for as long as there have been philosophers, but most people have had no exposure to the wide variety of arguments and positions that they have offered. The website AskPhilosophers.org has sought to fill this void, bringing together a panel of distinguished philosophers who use their knowledge of the history of philosophy, as well as their own skills and ingenuity, to respond to questions sent in from all over the world. What Should I Do?is a collection of some of the most interesting questions about ethics to have appeared on the website during its first five years. It is a delightfully fresh book that will encourage readers to think a bit more deeply about the moral questions they frequently encounter, and will provide them with the toolsto do so.

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Alexander George teaches at Amherst College. Before arriving at Amherst, he was an undergraduate at Columbia, a graduate student at Harvard, and a Junior Research Fellow at Wolfson College, Oxford. He is the author (with Daniel J. Velleman) of Philosophies of Mathematics (Blackwell). He is also the author (with Lawrence Douglas) of a humor book, Sense and Nonsenibility: Lampoons of Learning and Literature (Simon and Schuster). He founded
AskPhilosophers.org in 2005.

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