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XSLT Jumpstarter - David James Kelly

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XSLT Jumpstarter - level the learning curve and put your XML to work
David James Kelly
Paperback / softback
The Pragmatic Bookshelf
UK Publication Date

Finally, a ground-up, quick-start approach to XSLT that teaches not just the language, but XML processing solutions. XSLT Jumpstarter approaches the subject like no other book, using examples that ease you through the basic concepts while demonstrating how to solve common problems. It doesn't unload language elements on you, it shows how to create HTML output, rearrange and modify XML nodes, manipulate text, conditionalize processing, make global changes, perform grouping and sorting, and implement strategies for re-using templates and stylesheets. XSLT Jumpstarter offers a hands-on, jump-in-the-water approach that will launch you over the XSLT learning curve!

Get your XML under control with XSLT Jumpstarter.
XML is everywhere in data and web technology, and XSLT was created specifically to transform XML into all kinds of text output, including HTML, XML, SVG, and others. You'll start with example solutions that introduce the range of XSLT possibilities.
You'll get the processing concepts behind XSLT; how to create and manipulate output; how to make global changes to XML; how to use conditional instructions, XPath, and XSLT functions for complex controls; how to sort and group your output; and techniques for large-scale stylesheet management.

Using a browser-based XSLT processor, you'll immediately transform XML with no setup time.
You'll set up a stand-alone XSLT processor controlled from the command line.
You'll get a clear view into the basic XSLT processing model so you can put it to work.
Throughout the book, you'll see elements of XSLT working together in solutions to common XML processing problems.
And you'll get a thorough analysis of the solutions, giving you the understanding to modify examples or create your own XSLT from scratch.

This is not another XSLT reference, but an accessible guide that gets your hands dirty with a solution-oriented approach. Filled with practical examples and detailed explanations, this book is designed to kickstart the XSLT newbie into action.

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David James Kelly has worked in technical publications for many years as a writer, manager, and technology developer.
His nine years of experience with XSLT includes conversions of XML documents as well as customizations of the DITA Open Toolkit and other publishing systems. In addition to writing technical books, David has published three novels.

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North Carolina
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xiv, 257

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