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Your holiness - Debbie Ford

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Your holiness - discover the light within
Debbie Ford
Paperback / softback
Hay House
UK Publication Date

'What you are seeking at the deepest level exists inside you, in the quietude of your inner world, in the privacy of your sweet heart.'

Your Holiness, Debbie Ford's last book, emerged in an extraordinary way. Several years after her passing, Debbie's sister Arielle Ford was given a message from her friend the medium James Van Praagh about a book that Debbie wanted to be published. Arielle was amazed to find that a manuscript already existed for this book, which Debbie had been writing during her long battle with cancer.

Published on the fifth anniversary of Debbie's passing, Your Holiness is written with Debbie's trademark brutal honesty and keen insight. It's a bold call to unearth our latent spirituality. Filled with motivational prayers and deeply personal stories about her own struggles and spiritual journey, this book is a profoundly accessible pathway to harnessing our spiritual essence (holiness).

Engaging and accessible, clear and unwavering, Your Holiness is a gift to the soul - a rare book that both guides and nourishes. At a time when so much in our world feels uncertain and suffering is so widespread and persistent, Your Holiness grounds us in the here and now while delivering a timeless and empowering message of relentless love and strength.

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Debbie Ford was a #1 New York Times bestselling author and an internationally recognized expert in the field of personal transformation and human potential. Her five books sold more than one million copies, were translated into 26 languages, and were used as teaching tools in universities and other institutions of learning and enlightenment worldwide.
The founder of the Ford Institute for Integrative Coaching, Debbie Ford is known for providing life-changing answers, quick practical coaching, and deep spiritual wisdom to people who desire to lead extraordinary lives.
Her insightful teachings and revolutionary inner processes, combined with her intolerance for mediocrity, have made her an internationally renowned coach, motivational speaker, and seminar leader.

Debbie Ford was a spiritual sister, colleague, and teacher to me. This book, discovered after her passing, is an extraordinary journey to higher consciousness. Read it, absorb her insights, and you may see the world as fresh, vibrant, and holy as if for the first time.

Debbie Ford was and is one of the greatest teachers of my lifetime. Not only did she evolve, modernize, and render accessible the concept of shadow work and wholeness . . . but she was/is also one of the most profound spiritual teachers of our time. I am so happy that this book was written and will be shared with the world. May this book serve as the gift that it is, from the deeply empathic and wise soul that she was and is.

'You are a holy addition to this world.' Do you believe that? If you do (with all your heart or halfheartedly), but especially if you don't believe it at all, put this book on your bedside table and read little bits of it every night before you sleep, and every morning when you awaken. Its beauty and truth will seep into your consciousness and fill
you with faith and strength. Debbie left us too soon, but she left a trail of light, and she left this book.

ELIZABETH LESSER, cofounder of Omega Institute

Truly a remarkable angel, who has brought the mindset of God, prayer, and love into a form of daily worship for your soul. I have known Debbie in her human life and spirit life and she insisted to me that this book be published. Use this book and open yourself to the light and compassion of the heavens.
JAMES VAN PRAAGH, bestselling author and master medium

Debbie Ford is one of the wisest, most insightful, most gentle and loving people I have ever had the joy of calling 'friend.' My life-like the lives of so many, many others-has been deeply enriched by her. And now, it is enriched again by the offering of these gifts from her mind to ours, shared with us even after she has celebrated her
Continuation Day, and opening us to what could be the most powerful tool that has ever been placed in our hands by God. Thank you, Sweet Friend, for one more timeless treasure.

NEALE DONALD WALSCH, bestselling author of 'Conversations with God'

Debbie was a colleague and dear friend and she is missed by all who knew her and her work. Your Holiness is a treasure newly unearthed to be shared by all who are riddled by fear and anxiety. There is a powerful force that exists within each of us. We can sense its potential, but harnessing it can feel like a lifetime of work. In this timeless and important work, Debbie Ford fearlessly uncovers this light within and in so doing reveals a path to our higher selves. This 'holy shift in consciousness,' as Debbie calls it, is right there for all seeking unshakable strength and love.
JUDITH ORLOFF, New York Times bestselling author of 'Emotional Freedom'

When I met Debbie Ford six months before she died, we fell into friendship-smitten-love immediately. I loved her honesty, her humor, and her willingness to reveal the dark side of anything while simultaneously holding its light. It's such a joy to be with her all over again through Your Holiness-and to be reminded that everything we think
we want out there is already ours for the asking, for the looking, for the willingness to receive. A heavenly message indeed.

GENEEN ROTH, author of 'Women Food and God' and 'Lost and Found'

Your Holiness is a beautiful, evocative, honest, and heartfelt offering from the late Debbie Ford-coach, trailblazer, truth-teller, and courageous leader. Towards the end of her life I was fortunate to get to know her intimately and call her my friend. The Debbie I remember, in the many conversations we had over the years, was to me a deeply spiritual person, unafraid of sharing this side of her life. I am so grateful to yet again be able to embrace this most important
part of her and hear her voice again, if even from the pages of a book. Finally, with such a beautiful book in our hands, we all can now witness and celebrate all the aspects of this extraordinary woman's truest legacy. If you are tired of surfing the dark side, this book will lift you up and show you where the miracles are hidden in plain sight. Your Holiness is a classic and will still be relevant in years to come.

COLETTE BARON-REID, bestselling author, spiritual medium, and founder of Oracle School

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