How Rental Works

Renting tech from musicMagpie is the smart way to get the products you need without having to splash out upfront or sign up to a restrictive long-term contract!

It’s simple: Choose the device you want, pay a low monthly rental fee then renew, upgrade or swap after 12 months!

Choose the device you want to rent

Choose from 100's of items to rent!

Select the model you want to rent from our Store and choose the ‘Rent’ option on the product page. You’ll find all the info you need here, including how much it costs to rent per month.

When you’ve picked your device, add it to your basket and we’ll run a quick check to verify your application. If successful, we’ll deliver your device for free.

Choose from 100's of items to rent!
FREE Case and Fitted Screen Protector on all phone and tablets

Enjoy hassle-free low monthly payments

FREE Case and Fitted Screen Protector on all phone and tablets

Our low monthly payments make renting a much more affordable way to get your hands on the tech you need. We’ll get your monthly payments set up when you take out your rental, so all you need to do is sit back and enjoy your device!

Don’t forget, all of our rental phones and tablets include a FREE case, screen protector and lifetime warranty too!

Renew your rental or upgrade to a newer device after 12 months

Choose from 100's of items to rent!

You have three options when your rental agreement is nearly over:

• Upgrade or swap to a different device. We have 1000s of tech products to choose from!

• Keep the same device and pay less for the next 12 months!

• Cancel your rental and return the device. Returning your device helps to reduce e-waste and protect the planet!

So if you’re looking for an affordable, flexible and more sustainable way to get the tech you need, give rental a try!

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Choose from 100's of items to rent!

Other rental questions


Why should I rent?

• It’s sustainable! Renting promotes a circular economy - an important step in the collective effort to protect our planet.
• It’s a cheaper and flexible alternative to buying outright or on a contract
• You get a FREE Lifetime Warranty included.
• 12-month rental agreements
• FREE delivery on all rental orders

How does renting work?

It’s simple: Choose your device, click the Rent tab and follow the instructions to the checkout. We will then run a credit check to determine your eligibility. If successful, we’ll set up a monthly payment schedule on your preferred payment date.

Which products can I rent?

We’ve got a huge selection of phones, iPads and Games Consoles to choose from, all on 12-month rental agreements.