How to keep your number when renting a phone

Transfer your current number to your new phone with ease at musicMagpie. Read our easy to follow steps on how to transfer over your phone stress-free here.

This is done through a process known as porting. You can read more about transferring your number in our in-depth SIM guide How to switch SIM providers today.



Choose from 1000's of phones to rent and keep your same numberChoose from 1000's of phones to rent and keep your same number

How do I keep my mobile number?

If you want to keep your existing mobile number and transfer it to another SIM, you simply need to request your Porting Authorisation Code (PAC) or “PAC code” from your old provider.

Traditionally, this was a painstaking process that involved contacting your old provider. Fortunately, thanks to a new system put in place back in July 2019, you can simply text “PAC” to 65075 to retrieve your PAC code.

What happens when I receive my PAC code?
When you receive your PAC code, you must give it to your new SIM provider within 30 days. The text you receive will also include important information such as any exit penalties, the remainder of your handset costs and balances.

How long does it take to transfer a number to a new phone?

When you’ve given your PAC code to your new provider, you should have your number working on your new SIM within the next day or so. The time depends on the network you’re with, so always check in with them if it hasn’t transferred as quickly as you’d like it to.

Check the SIM you have works by popping it in your rental phone or a phone you’ve recently purchased to see if the number has been transferred across. If you experience any issues, contact your new provider for support.

How do I transfer apps to a new phone?
So you’ve managed to get your new SIM working with your existing number - great! But what about all those apps and photos from your old device?

Again - it’s really easy to switch your files and apps over, but it depends on the device you’re switching from and to…


Easily transfer your data to your new Android

From Andriod to Android

If you’ve got your data backed up on Google - fantastic!
It’s a super easy process. In most cases, your new device will run through a backup and restore process between your old and new devices, making the process incredibly seamless.

But if you definitely want to make sure everything’s transferred - just follow these steps:
Backup on your old phone
Go to Settings > Personal > Backup & Restore.
You must make sure "Backup my data" is enabled for the process to run.

Backup your apps
To backup your apps - go back to Settings > Data usage, then tap on the three-dot menu symbol and make sure "Auto-sync data" is turned on. This will ensure all of your old apps and their data are backed up and can be transferred to your new device.

Easily transfer your data to your new Android


Easily transfer your data to your new iPhoneEasily transfer your data to your old Android to your new iPhone

From iPhone to iPhone

iCloud makes the process of transferring apps and data really easy.

Make sure your old iPhone has a recent iCloud backup. To double-check that it does, go to Settings > iCloud > Backup. Select “Back up now” to be extra sure your phone has the latest backup.

On your new iPhone, simply sign in to your iCloud and begin the download process. Then, you’ll be granted with all your apps and data!

Easily transfer your data to your old Android to your new iPhone

From Andriod to iPhone

Thankfully, the Move to iOS app has helped many save time when they transfer from Android to iPhone. However, when it comes to transferring music, your best bet is to plug your old Android device into your PC or Laptop and add them to your new iPhone manually.

Can I use Android Apps on an iPhone?
Be mindful of any apps you’ve bought on your Android - if you want to use them on an iPhone, you’ll have to purchase them again.

Easily transfer your data to your new iPhone


Easily transfer your data to your old iPhone to your new Android

From iPhone to Andriod

One of the first things you need to do is turn off iMessage on your iPhone before beginning the transfer process. This is important, otherwise, you won’t receive any messages sent from iPhone users.

When it comes to moving photos, videos and music across, you’re better off backing them up to Google Photos. Simply download the Google Drive app on your iPhone, back them up then redownload them on your new Android device.

And there you have it!

We hope we’ve made it easier for you to switch your data and phone number over when you rent a phone or buy or rent a refurbished phone with musicMagpie!