How to save money on your next phone

Looking to save money on your next mobile phone? See how phone leasing could make and save you money in musicMagpie's easy to follow steps.

Getting a new phone can be pretty daunting. Maybe your current phone has a heavy cost you can’t get away from and you’re hoping not to make the same mistake with your next handset. There’s so many deals, tariffs, contracts and what does PAYG even mean? We’ll get down to the terminology in this guide, give you tips on saving money when you upgrade and help you work out the best decision for you.

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Sell your old phone

Did you know you could sell your old phone and use the cash towards your next upgrade? With musicMagpie - we pay out some of the best prices for mobile phones! Save money on phone start-up costs by recycling your old one with us - it’s FREE too!

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The new and affordable way to get a new phoneThe new and affordable way to get a new phone

Rent a phone

This is a relatively new concept - but have you considered renting your phone just like you rent your home or car? It’s actually a very cost-effective way to get a new phone AND upgrade when your rental term has run out!

Why rent a phone?

Here’s a few reasons why you should rent a phone with musicMagpie:

Free lifetime warranty
12 month price guarantee
No upfront fees
There are no upfront fees when you rent a phone with us
Flexable rental options
Our rental options are flexible - rent for 12 months instead of paying for a 24 month contract!
We've got you covered
Get a lifetime warranty that covers technical faults and defects


It’s super cost-effective!
Choose from 1000's of phones
Choose from a variety of phones to rent
Upgrade easily
Get a new phone every 12 months
Renting is good for the environment
It’s sustainable for you and the planet


How do I rent a phone?

It’s really easy to rent a phone with musicMagpie:

Choose the phone you want to rent

Choose the phone you want to rent.
We have a great range of phones to choose from!

Enjoy the low monthly payments

Enjoy your phone with low monthly payments!
Renting is much cheaper than buying new or going on a contract!

Upgrade even quicker

Decide what you want to do next!
Upgrade to a newer handset or return the phone and end your rental. It’s up to you!


Buy a refurbished phone

If you’re wondering how to save money on your phone, buying a phone outright might come to mind as it means avoiding monthly payments over a long period of time. But this startup cost can be quite hard to manage.

Have you thought about buying a refurbished phone instead? Just what is a refurbished phone anyway? In short, a refurbished phone means you can buy a phone that’s been repaired but at a far more reasonable cost. Plus, it’s super cost-effective and is better for the environment!

A refurbished phone can sometimes be half the cost of a brand new one! So it’s definitely worth looking into if you want to slash costs whilst upgrading.

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Choose the perfect rental for you

Get the right contract phone

If you do decide to take out another phone contract, you’ll need to consider what you’re actually paying for.

How to pick the right contract phone
Make sure you do your research on the phone contract you want - is it cheaper to buy the phone outright? Is there a refurbished version of the phone that’s cheaper and in the condition you want it in? Is it cheaper to rent the phone instead?

Ask yourself if you really need all of that phone data too. It’s a good idea to ask your network about your average usage and tailor your SIM package to this. Don’t forget to haggle with your network if they’re not offering you the best deal. Most networks will lower their costs just to retain you.

Maybe if you’re happy with your current phone they can offer a SIM-only deal that’s far cheaper than upgrading to an entirely new handset.

Choose the perfect rental for you


Pick the network you wantPick the network you want

Switch networks (link to keeping SIM/Number)

Sometimes, switching networks is the only way you’ll get a good deal on your new phone. As long as you’ve done your research on whats’s covered and the network has a decent coverage rate, then this could be the way to go. Plus, it’s really easy to keep your number when you switch SIM providers these days too!

We hope we’ve made it easier for you to save money when you next upgrade your phone! Whether you choose to rent a phone or buy a refurbished mobile - do so with musicMagpie.

It’s smart for you and smart for the planet! And there you have it! We hope we’ve made it easier for you to switch your data and phone number over when you rent a phone or buy a refurbished phone with musicMagpie!

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