Is renting a phone better for the environment?

Looking for ways to reduce your carbon footprint? Have you considered renting a phone instead of buying one? Find out more about the benefits to the planet!



Do you know what a phone is made fromDo you know what a phone is made from

What goes into a smartphone?

Did you know that e-waste is contributing up to 70% of the toxic waste caused by landfill? A huge percentage of this is phones In fact, it takes this much (and more beyond this list!) to build a phone:

10-15 kg of mined ore,
including 7kg of high-grade gold ore
1kg of typical copper ore
750g of typical tungsten ore
200g of typical nickel ore.

Naturally, this doesn’t sound right. How can so many resources go into making a single phone? Multiply that by the magnitude of people who own smartphones, and you’ll begin to see what a negative impact building a phone really has on the environment.


Renting a phone is great for the enviroment

The environmental benefits of renting a phone

All of the phones available to rent with musicMagpie are Certified Refurbished, meaning all devices have been checked against a 90-point check system. You can be rest assured that our refurbished devices are of high quality and function just as they would with a brand new phone! The major difference between our phones and a brand new one off the high street is that they’re not only cost-effective, but they’re super environmentally friendly!

Renting a phone is great for the enviroment

What are the environmental benefits of renting a phone?

We give life to old phonesl

It keeps precious metals and materials within a circular economy

Renting reduces the overall CO2

Reduces carbon emissions and overall pollution.

Reduce your e-waste by renting

Eradicates e-waste - a growing global issue that is causing devastating effects on ecosystems

Stop phones from going into landfill

Saves landfills and promotes a safer environment for animals and humans.

If you want to improve or embark upon a more environmentally aware lifestyle - then renting a phone is just one of many ways you can do so, especially if you rent from musicMagpie!

As Best Recycler of the Year for four years in a row, we have the credentials to keep our devices as good as new without harming the environment.


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