The Internet answers Taylor Swift's relationship problems

(without even knowing it)

Taylor Swift certainly isn’t shy about pouring her real-life boy-troubles into her lyrics. But with countless songs about failed relationships, has she been making the right decisions?

We took a handful of the dilemmas that she’s penned tracks about and posted them on the Relationship Advice Subreddit. Totally oblivious that they were coming to the aid of our breakup-prone popstar, Reddit gave Taylor some helpful (and not so helpful) advice.

You Belong with Me

One of her earlier hits, Taylor penned ‘You Belong with Me’ after overhearing a friend receive an abusive phone call from his girlfriend. In the song, she ponders telling a boy of her love for him, believing she’s a much better match than his nasty and self-absorbed other half – Or at least, that’s Taylor’s version of events.

“I’m falling for my best friend. He has a girlfriend but she makes him miserable. Should I tell him?”

How about you just stay away?

You have no right to waltz into his relationship, try to home wreck it and tell him what to do and who to be with. Do NOT be a snake and try to steal him or win him over.

Even if you think his girlfriend is trash, he finds value in her.

So, if you insult his girlfriend, it’s like you’re telling him his comfort blanket is trash. Even if you’re right, he’ll feel insulted and it’ll drive a wedge between you. Instead, show him what a good girlfriend is. Invite him over, talk to him, support him, encourage him.

I Knew You Were Trouble

A worldwide hit from Taylor’s fourth album, Red, ‘I Knew You Were Trouble’ details falling for a bad boy while fully aware of his flaws and having to face the consequences when it all goes wrong. Fans were certain she wrote the song about ex-boyfriend Harry Styles, which Taylor all but confirmed during her performance at the 2013 BRIT Awards.

“I think this guy is bad for me, but I can’t stay away – what do I do?”

How about you just stay away?

Stop making excuses for yourself. Unless he’s holding you hostage, the physical actions required to stay away are not that difficult.

You should get some standards and perspective.

You don’t want to stay away, which is something else entirely. Either admit that and find a way to live with the drama that dating him is going to entail, or remind your hormones who’s in control here and find a healthier way to satisfy your craving for adventure.

We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

Swifties are pretty sure they’ve got this one figured out, believing the song delves into Tay Tay’s troubled relationship with actor Jake Gyllenhaal. The song charts the ups and downs of an on-off relationship, with Taylor declaring it’s over - for good - this time.

“My on-again, off-again BF keeps saying we’re meant to be together, but I’m not sure.”

You ended it for good and he’s still texting and calling you. BLOCK HIM. You need a chunk of time with no contact to clear your emotional ties, then you can look at all of this more rationally.

When I was in this situation, my therapist told me something that has always stuck with me: “The patterns of behaviour we fall into with romantic partners are very hard and sometimes impossible to break.”

You are in a pattern. Break the cycle and look for a healthier relationship.


A hit from her most recent album, Reputation, Gorgeous details Taylor’s powerful physical attraction to a new man – despite the fact she’s already got a boyfriend.

“I’m in a relationship but am attracted to someone else”

This doesn’t make you a bad person, you’ll always find other people attractive. Just do right by your partner and don’t act on these feelings.

You have a bit of a crush, no biggy.

There’s a dude who is attractive… so what? Surely this isn’t the first time something like this has happened to you? Just stay cool.

Better Than Revenge

In this album track, Taylor takes aim not at one of her ex-boyfriends, but at the girl she thinks stole him. Fans are all but certain the lyrics lay into Camilla Belle, the actress who started dating Joe Jonas soon after he broke up with Taylor back in 2008.

“I just found out my ex-BF had been cheating on me with his new GF during our relationship. What do I do?”

Cheaters cheat because of who they are… not because of who you are. It’s going to hurt like hell until you accept this. And to be realistic it still hurts after that – but it becomes more manageable.

The best thing to do is move on. Revenge is not a healthy motive. However nothing will p*** him off more than seeing you happy and successful without him.

If you need to cure the itch, go and get a rebound that’s not related to the situation at all. Don’t even tell him. Forget yourself for a bit, be primal, feed your inner chimp to stop it going crazy and have it as your little win.

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