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Selling Your Stuff - General Conditions

When selling your items to us, you do so under these Terms and Conditions only. The information that you provide to us about your items when valuing and selling your items may affect the price offered for these items. Please ensure that you accurately provide information relating to the items that you want to sell. For example, with a CD, DVD, Blu-ray or game, when you enter the barcode number into our system to get a valuation/offer price by not entering the correct barcode number, this will provide a different offer price because it will be for ‘a different item’ and not the one you want to sell. 

For items that fail the Quality Assessment Process or that have not been included in your relevant online transaction e.g. they have not been valued using musicMagpie’s online valuation engine which is provided on our web service(s), website(s) and mobile application(s) and made up part of the sale you have submitted and agreed to these items cannot be returned under any circumstances and will be recycled responsibly. You also understand, agree and accept, that once your items are in TRANSIT (by either use of our FREE Courier Service or FREE Send Service) they will be processed by our Quality Assessment Team when they reach us and you are unable to cancel this transaction or order once your items have commenced Transit. 

Upon inspection of your items, if we find any item(s) that we believe to be counterfeit, fake, imitation, an illegal copy or a non-original product we will dispose of these at our sole discretion. All such counterfeit, fake, imitation items or illegal copies will not be paid for, will not be returned and we may report such incidents to the relevant authorities. By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions to expressly warrant that the products you sell to us are wholly original and not counterfeit, imitation or fake. No further discussion on the establishment of whether items are, including but not limited to, original, genuine, or counterfeit, fake, imitation, an illegal copy or a non-original product will be entered into by us. You understand, agree and accept that the determination as to the originality of the items/products, that you wish to sell to us, is at our sole discretion. You hereby indemnify us against any loss or claim whatsoever and howsoever arising from us grading, inspecting, assessing and/or reviewing your products/items and the outcome of our grading process, inspection, assessment, quality checking and/or reviewing is that your item(s) are determined by us, at our sole discretion, to be non-original, a copy, fake, an imitation or a counterfeit in our opinion.

For items that are sent to us, but have not been valued by us, which means you have been provided by us with a valid, as solely determined by us, ‘offer price’ via our web service(s), website(s) or mobile application(s); or where the valuation process has occurred and we have not actually offered a ‘price’; and/or they do not appear in a valid musicMagpie order/transaction item list, you understand, accept and agree that we will not pay you for these items and are unable to return them, but will (where possible) recycle them responsibly or otherwise, if due to the nature of the item or the cost of recycling, dispose of them responsibly. 

musicMagpie reserves the absolute rights to close your account and cease dealing with you at its sole discretion and for reasons it determines. Your statutory rights are not affected.

Items that you sent to us by mistake

Please check the items you are sending to us before you package and send them to make sure that you only send us items that we accept. If for any reason you include items we do not accept with your order: for example, if you leave something inside one of the media cases of the DVDs you selling to us, if we find these items we will dispose of them responsibly and they cannot under any circumstances be returned. You hereby accept and agree to hold us harmless and fully indemnify us against any loss; material or otherwise that you may suffer due to disposal of these unaccepted items by us and/or our partners or affiliates.