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One of the UK's biggest sellers of refurbished iPhones, with over 150,000 devices sold a year!

We use PhoneCheck, an industry-standard software, to test devices for 90 potential faults. Our refurbished devices don’t go out unless they’re certified - meaning you only receive the best device.


Certified Refurbished Mobile Phones

Every mobile phone we sell on the musicMagpie Store goes through a rigorous 90 point check to make sure you’re getting a quality device that’s ready to use straight away. Here’s what we look out for!

Refurbished Mobile Phones

With refurbished phones, it doesn't cost the earth to stay connected. Here at musicMagpie, we have a huge selection of cheap phones available on our online store. No matter if you opt for a refurbished iPhoneSamsung Phones, or Google Phones, refurbished phones can be a brilliant way to get the latest handset for a great price.

Are you after a refurbished iPhone 14 or a cheap iPhone 11? Maybe a refurbished iPhone 13, iPhone 12, Samsung Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S10. Whatever you’re looking for, every single one of the cheap phones we have on the musicMagpie Store goes through our comprehensive refurbishment process to make sure you’re getting the best device possible.

We offer free delivery on all our cheap phones so you don’t have to pay for the privilege of waiting, as well as a no questions asked 14-day money-back guarantee. Plus, we’ll give you a FREE 12-month warranty when you buy from our range of refurbished cheap phones.

Frequently asked questions

What are refurbished phones?

​​A refurbished phone is a phone that was traded in by someone else, reconditioned and sold on to someone new. When the phone is traded in, it’s often in a good state, but was sold to us to get cash towards an upgrade. Occasionally, we have the odd broken phone, which you can still get cash for!

Before selling a refurbished phone on the musicMagpie Store, they have to go under strict testing to ensure they work just as a brand new phone would. Refurbished phones must be in full working order before they’re sold on too. You may come across very minor cosmetic wear with a refurbished phone, but these can be covered with a phone case (which we recommend anyway to protect your phone!).

There’s a misconception that refurbished phones were once broken or faulty phones. This isn’t always the case. Plus, we have three grading systems to suit various budgets and requirements when shopping for a refurbished phone.

What is the difference between original and refurbished phones?

The biggest difference between refurbished phones and original new phones is the price! When you buy a refurbished phone, you get the same great device but for the fraction of the cost of buying new.

We make sure all of our refurbished phones have been extensively tested and repaired if needed, so that each device we sell is in perfect working condition. Since we have three different conditions to choose from, the cosmetic condition of your device could look slightly different than new.

Our Pristine devices are in excellent physical condition and look just like new. Our Very Good condition will show slight signs of wear but should still be in really good cosmetic condition. Our Good condition will have moderate signs of wear - there may be a scratch or two on the casing that would show it's a refurbished device, but this is usually something that can be hidden by a phone cover!

Where do refurbished phones come from?

Refurbished phones come directly from our customers (and sometimes businesses too!).

Refurbished phones, as we mentioned, are phones that people have traded in for cash. More often than not, these phones are in fully working condition, but people may just want cash for an upgrade or they’re having a bit of a clear out!

Other times, some customers may trade in a broken phone - perhaps the screen was smashed, it’s slowing down or the battery isn’t performing as well as it once did.

As the UK’s No.1 Mobile Phone Recycler, we take great pride in our refurbishment process and ensure all of our refurbished phones fully function as a new one would.

How good are refurbished phones?

Refurbished phones are a great option if you’re looking to get the same phone for less, or live a more sustainable lifestyle.

Our refurbished phones are reconditioned to a standard that makes our phones work just like a brand new one would. Plus, we offer a FREE 12 month warranty that covers technical defects caused by improper workmanship and a 14-day money back guarantee if you change your mind!

Why buy refurbished phones?

Refurbished phones are a better investment for both yourself and the planet. They’re reconditioned using precious resources and materials extracted from devices that no longer work. This actively promotes a circular economy and helps reduce the demand for ores that are harnessed from the ground. These ores are in limited supply, not to mention the process is highly damaging to the environment.

Our method cuts out tons of emissions and ensures the prevention of E-waste - a growing waste stream that is deeply affecting the planet and the atmosphere. So beyond getting a phone for less, which we obviously see as a plus, we place our passion for sustainability and the forefront of everything we do - not just refurbished phones.

Of course - they’re also cheaper than buying a brand new phone. Why get a new one when you can get the same second hand, but refurbished to the same working order, for less? It’s smart for you… smart for the planet!

How to identify refurbished phones

If you're buying from a reputable seller like musicMagpie, the condition of every device will be clearly advertised on the product page, so you'll be able to see not only if the device is refurbished but also what condition the phone is in.

All of our refurbished phones are assigned a condition (Good, Very Good or Pristine) so you'll know what to expect before you buy!

How to buy refurbished phones

You can buy refurbished phones right here on the musicMagpie Store - and it couldn’t be easier!

Simply head to our Store and browse our range of refurbished phones. You'll then need to select the model, storage and condition of the device (we have three conditions: Good, Very Good and Pristine). Once you've placed your order, you're all done - it's that simple!

We even give you a FREE 12 month warranty on your device for extra peace of mind. So what are you waiting for? Browse our range of cheap phones today!