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Whether you’re thinking of upgrading or you already have, you can make it cheaper by shopping and trading-in with musicMagpie! Just follow these simple steps:


10% extra use code upgrade21

1. Trade in your unwanted phones and tech and get 10% extra (max. additional value £30) with code UPGRADE21

Buy or Rent from the musicMagpie store

2. Buy or rent phones or refurbished tech from the musicMagpie Store

Get cashback for your order

3. Get up to £30 additional cashback (based on your original trade-in value)!


As well as making your upgrade cheaper, trading in your unwanted tech helps to reduce e-waste and cut your carbon footprint.

It’s smart for you… smart for the planet!


Check out our amazing offers and find the perfect upgrade deal for you!


Use code UPGRADE21 when trading in!

Shop new iPhones
  • Buy any new iPhone*
    Get up to 13% extra (MAX. Additional value £45) for your trade-in!

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Use code UPGRADE21 when trading in!

Rent a Phone
  • Rent any Phone
    Get up to 20% extra (MAX. Additional value £60) for your trade-in!

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Use code UPGRADE21 when trading in!

shop Refurbished tech
  • Buy refurbished tech
    Get up to 15% extra (MAX. Additional value £45) for your trade-in!

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Bought from us already?

Trade in your unwanted phones and tech and we’ll give you up to £60 extra cash as a bonus! Simply add the code UPGRADE21 at the checkout to claim your bonus. Please note: you will receive 10% extra on trading in your items, followed by the rest of your bonus as cashback upon payment for your trade-in.


Rented a Phone?
Get up to 20% extra (max add. value £60)!


Bought a New iPhone?
Get up to 13% extra (max add. value £45)*!


Bought Refurbished Tech?
Get up to 15% extra (max add. value £45)!



*New iPhone offer only available if you trade in one of the following: iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 12 Mini.



Already traded?

As long as you used the code UPGRADE21 when completing your order, you can buy or rent phones and refurbished tech to boost the value of your trade-in even further!


Buy any new iPhone
and get up to 3% extra (max. additional value £15)*!

Shop New iPhones

Rent any phone
and get up to 10% extra (max. additional value £30)!

Browse Rental Phones

Buy refurbished tech
and get up to 5% extra (max. additional value £15)!

Shop Refurbished Tech


Shop by Catergory

Looking for something in particular? Check out our most popular categories and don't forget to use the code UPGRADE21 when completing your order!

Frequently asked questions

  • Can you give me an example of how the offer works?

    Let’s say you want to trade in your current iPhone and then rent a new iPhone to replace it.

    1. You trade in your iPhone for £300, use the code UPGRADE21 to get 10% extra (an additional £30).

    2. You rent a new iPhone and get an additional 10% extra bonus on your trade-in value of £300 - that’s £30 extra!

    3. You’ll receive your trade-in payment plus your original 10% extra as soon as we receive your items.

    4. We’ll then pay your bonus for renting with us after a 14 day cooling off period (which begins when your item is delivered) using the same payment details.

    In total, you’ll receive £60 in extra cash - £30 from your trade-in boost and a further £30 for renting with us!

  • Do I need to use the code UPGRADE21 to claim my extra cash?

    Yes, all offers are only available if you complete a trade-in using the code UPGRADE21 before the 31st October.

  • Do I need to trade in my items and shop using the same account?

    Yes. Our system will match your trade-in order to your rental or purchase, so please make sure to use the account.

  • When will I receive my extra cash?

    Your additional bonus from purchasing or renting will be paid upon the completion of a 14 day cooling off period, which begins when your order has been delivered.
    All additional trade-in value will be paid to the bank account or PayPal details listed on your musicMagpie account so please make sure they are correct!

  • When do I need to complete a trade-in or purchase/rent by to claim my bonus?

    You’ll need to complete your trade-in and purchase within 14 days of each other. If you don’t, we won’t be able to pay your additional cash. You will also need to complete your trade-in and purchase within the promotional period – see the terms and conditions for more details.

  • Can I get an additional extra cash bonus on every trade-in I make?

    No, we will calculate your additional cash bonus based on the total value of the trade-in you made using the code UPGRADE21 . Any subsequent trade-ins will not count towards your bonus.

  • Can I claim more than one extra cash bonus?

    Yes, you can stack the bonuses if you rent or purchase more than one item. So if you decide to rent a phone then purchase a refurbished console, you’ll receive the 10% extra for your rental as well as 5% extra for your refurbished purchase. However, you can’t stack bonuses if you purchase two items. Your extra bonus will be capped at £15.

  • What is a phone upgrade?

    A phone upgrade refers to swapping your existing device for a different, newer device.

    People typically upgrade when…

    • They come to the end of a contract.
    • They want a phone with better features or performance.
    • Their current phone has reached the end of its useful life.

    There are a few ways to upgrade. Traditionally, people ‘upgrade’ with their network provider. In this instance, the ‘upgrade’ involves extending your contract and paying slightly more in exchange for a newer device.

    This often isn’t the cheapest way to upgrade though. One alternative is selling your old phone and using the money to buy your next phone. This makes your upgrade cheaper and helps to reduce e-waste too!

    Upgrading doesn’t just refer to buying the latest device either. Even switching to a phone released a few years ago counts as an upgrade if it’s better than what you currently have!

  • Why should I upgrade my phone?

    It’s no secret that your phone’s performance drops over the years. It might be that the camera is outdated or that your processor can’t handle the latest apps, but we all reach a point where we need a chance!

    Here are just a few of the reasons to consider an upgrade:

    • The battery no longer sees you through the day.
    • You can’t get the latest software updates, which can lead to performance and security issues.
    • You want a better screen or camera.
    • Your phone can’t handle demanding apps and/or its performance has slowed.
    • Your phone looks outdated…
    • You just want something different!

    If you can relate to any of the above, it might be time to consider an upgrade!

  • When can I upgrade my phone?

    It depends. If you’re on a contract, you should wait until it has expired to avoid paying for two phones.

    If you aren’t on a contract, it’s totally up to you. Most people upgrade after 2 to 3 years - but some prefer to upgrade every year, while others are happy to hold onto their phone for much longer!

    The reasons outlined in the previous question should give you a good idea of whether or not it’s time to upgrade though.

  • How can I upgrade my phone and other tech?

    You have a few options but we suggest doing it the smart way with musicMagpie! Simply follow these steps to upgrade to your next device and make up to £60 extra cash (yes, we will give you extra cash!) at the same time.

    • Trade in your current phones and tech and use the code UPGRADE21 to get 10% extra (up to £30)
    • Buy or rent phones or refurbished tech from the musicMagpie Store.
    • We’ll give you up to £30 additional cashback (based on your original trade-in value)!

  • How often should you upgrade your phone?

    It’s up to you! The average person upgrades every 2 - 3 years as this is when a phone starts to show its age and/or a contract expires. However, some people upgrade every year to get the latest tech while others are happy to wait 4 or even 5 years!

    In general, it’s a good idea to upgrade if your phone (or any other tech product) is showing any of these signs:

    • The battery life has depleted to the point of causing problems.
    • You can’t install the latest software and security updates.
    • You want a better quality screen or camera system.
    • Your phone can’t handle certain apps and/or runs slowly on a regular basis.
    • The design and build looks outdated.

    You can also upgrade if you just feel like a change - it’s really up to you!

  • What phone can I upgrade to with musicMagpie?

    We have loads of phones to buy or rent, including a huge range of devices from:

    • Apple
    • Samsung
    • Google

    Take a look at our Mobile Phone Store for our full range!

    We also sell refurbished games consoles, iPad devices, MacBooks and much more.

Please refer to our full offer terms and conditions for more information.