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Sell your iPhone with musicMagpie!

Looking for the best place to sell your iPhone? Give musicMagpie a try! Use our valuation engine to get an instant price, pop it in a box (any box will do) and send it for FREE. It’s that simple.

The iPhone is the world’s most popular smartphone, winning fans with its user-friendliness and useful features. First released in 2007, the iPhone changed the way people thought about their phones. They weren’t just for calls and texts anymore, but games, music, productivity and surfing the web too.

That innovation has continued, with Apple releasing a new handset every year. That’s great news for iPhone fans, but not so great for their wallets.

Many iPhone users are having their heads turned by the increasingly powerful Android devices on the market too, with a lot of people abandoning iOS for Android.

Or perhaps the latest model didn’t live up to your expectations, or you’re getting a bit bored of it, and now you think it’s time to sell your iPhone. 

If you're planning to trade in your iPhone, there’s no easier way to do it than with musicMagpie.

To start selling an iPhone, just enter your item into our valuation engine for an instant price. You can sell CDs, DVDs, Games and Tech at the same time as your iPhone trade in and clear some extra clutter too.

Then, pop your items into a box (any box) and send it to us for FREE. We'll then pay you on the same day your items arrive. 

iPhone recycling doesn't get easier! Why wouldn't you?

The musicMagpie Price Promise

With every iPhone trade in, we promise to give you the full value we first offered for your iPhone. If we revise your offer at all, you can have your iPhone back for FREE. 

Price, Pack, Send. Done.
Selling your iPhone with musicMagpie really is that easy.

Find out more

What Model and Generation do I have?

To find out the Model and Generation of the iPhone you have, all you have to do is refer to your original packaging where you should find it listed.

What Size is my iPhone?

Find out the size of your iPhone by selecting Main Menu > Settings > General > About, then select Capacity. (On some older models you’ll need to tap Settings > General > About). The number shown here will be just short of either 8, 16, 32 or 64GB.

On some models the capacity is engraved on the metal case near the bottom on the back.

If you are having problems identifying the generation or size of your iPhone then please refer to the original packaging or connect it to iTunes.