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PS4 Pro Trade In

Please select the PS4 Pro model you want to sell.



How do I sell my PS4 Pro?

It's so easy to sell PS4 Pro with musicMagpie!

Just how much can a PS4 Pro sell for? This highly depends on the market conditions at the time of selling, however with musicMagpie we offer some of the best prices out there to make sure you get the best deal.

Simply state the condition of your PS4 Pro and get an instant price!

  1. Get an instant price by telling us which model you’re selling and the condition its in (don’t forget you can sell PS4 Pro games at the same time too!).
  2. Place your PS4 Pro into any box and send it for FREE.
  3. We’ll then pay you the same day your items arrive by PayPal or Bank Transfer!

Find out more on our how it works page!

But if you want extra cash, sell your extra PS4 Pro controllers too!

Yes you can! You can sell a PS4 console and get cash towards a PS4 Pro! Did you know we also sell refurbished PS4 Pro consoles? Check out the musicMagpie Store and save even more cash on a cheap refurbished console!

We’ve been voted as the UKs No.1 Best Recycling Service many times, meaning you can trust us to recycle your PS4 Pro responsibly. Plus, our Tech Price Promise guarantees you’ll get the first price we offer or we’ll send your item back for FREE – no questions asked!

Sell your PS4 Pro with musicMagpie today!

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