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Thinking of selling your old EE phone? Get an instant price, send it for free and receive fast payment with musicMagpie! Find out how much your EE phone trade in is worth by selecting the product you want to sell.

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How do I sell my EE phone?


Get an instant price for your Tech


Put your stuff in a box (any box will do)


Send your stuff for FREE


Get paid by bank transfer!

Sell your EE phone with musicMagpie!

Wondering ‘can I sell my contract phone EE?’, the answer is yes! We accept locked phones and unlocked devices. 

It’s super easy to sell a locked EE phone with musicMagpie, however, you won’t be able to trade in your EE phone if the device is still under contract as you don’t own the phone until it’s fully paid off.

Get an instant price for your EE phone today and lock in the best price for 21 days, giving you enough time to upgrade and send it to us for FREE!

Plus, there’s a huge range of locked phones you can trade in with us! You can also sell O2 phones, sell Vodafone phones or sell 3 phones.

Unfortunately, you can’t make an EE phone trade in if your device is still under contract with the network provider. 

This is because the phone isn’t officially yours until the contract is fully paid off and that also applies to if you wanted to unlock the device. If your phone is still under contract, then EE technically still own the device until the full amount is paid, therefore you wouldn’t be able to sell it. 

Once your phone is fully paid off, you’ll be the owner of the device, which means you can then sell EE phone with us and make extra cash!

It’s super easy to sell mobile phones, whether you sell locked phone or an unlocked device. Just follow these steps: 

  1. Select the model, network, storage and choose the condition of your phone. Our three conditions are ‘Good’, ‘Poor’ and ‘Faulty’. 
  2. Pop your EE phone in a secure box and send it to us for FREE!
  3. Don’t wait to get paid! Our Fast Same Day Payments means you’ll get paid the day we receive your device via bank transfer.

Head over to our how it works page for more information about selling your phone.

Before you sell EE phone, you’ll need to wipe everything from the device. This is to help protect your private data, such as bank information, apps, email addresses and contacts.

If you’ve got an iPhone or Android locked to EE, you’ll need to back up your information before clearing the device. If you’re selling a locked iPhone, make sure to remove iCloud account.

musicMagpie is the best place to sell your EE phone! You’ll get an instant price and we’ll lock it in for 21 days. 

Plus, not only will you make extra cash by trading in, but you’ll help make a difference to the planet by reducing e-waste!

Finally, our Tech Price Promise means you’ll get the first price we offer for your EE phone or we’ll return it to you for FREE. 

Sell your EE phone the smart way with musicMagpie!

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