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Sell your Samsung Galaxy Note 9!

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How do I sell my Samsung Galaxy Note 9?

Sell your Samsung Galaxy Note 9!

Sell your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 with musicMagpie!

Wondering ‘how much can I sell my Samsung Note 9 for?’. Well, here’s your answer!

At present, you can make up to £200* for an unlocked Galaxy Note 9 512GB in Good condition. The value we offer depends on the condition of your phone, how much storage it has and whether or not it’s unlocked.

There are a few other ways to boost the value of your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 too.

Sell it as soon as possible: Your Galaxy Note 9, like all phones, loses value over time. The sooner you sell, the more you’ll make!

Lock in the best price: Not quite ready to send your Galaxy Note 9 to us? No problem. Get an instant price today, complete your order and we’ll lock in the value for 21 days.

Take care of your Galaxy Note 9: We pay more for phones in good condition, so pop your Galaxy Note 9 in a case and keep it safe!

*prices accurate as of 04/06/2021 and based on unlocked items in good condition. All quoted prices are subject to change.

It really couldn’t be easier to sell the Samsung Note series. Just follow these steps!

  1. Get an instant valuation by selecting the storage capacity and condition of your Galaxy Note 9.
  2. Pop your Galaxy Note 9 and anything else you’re selling into a box and send it for FREE.
  3. We’ll pay you the same day it arrives by bank transfer or PayPal.

Plus, you can sell Galaxy Note 8 phones, Samsung Note 10 phones, and even the Samsung Galaxy S10 with us too!

For more information on how to sell Samsung Note 9 handsets (and other tech), check out our how it works page.

Yes, you can! We buy phones with cracked screens and water damage. To sell broken phones, select the Faulty condition when getting your valuation. Please note that we can’t buy phones that are snapped in half, crushed or missing components though!

Here are just a few good reasons to sell with us…

  1. We’re rated Excellent on Trustpilot
  2. We’ve paid out hundreds of millions to our happy customers
  3. We’ve won Best Mobile Phone Recycling Service at the What Mobile Awards 5 years in a row
  4. You’ll get paid the same day your Galaxy Note 9 arrives thanks to our Fast Same Day Payments!
  5. You’ll get the best price we offer or we’ll return your Galaxy Note 9 for FREE!

We buy locked phones from all the major networks, including:

We pay more for unlocked phones however, so it’s worth unlocking your Galaxy Note 9 if you can!

Every phone we buy is refurbished by our expert team or recycled responsibly to help prevent e-waste. E-waste is damaging to the environment, so recycling just one phone can make a huge difference!

Sell your Samsung Galaxy Note 9. It's smart for you... smart for the planet!

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