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Want to sell iPhone 13 Pro? Get an instant price, send it for free and receive fast payment with musicMagpie! Find out how much you can make when you sell iPhone 13 Pro devices by selecting the product you want to sell.

iPhone 13 Pro
iPhone 13 Pro

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Sell your iPhone 13 Pro with musicMagpie!

Selling your iPhone 13 Pro with musicMagpie is so easy!

  1. Select the capacity and condition of your iPhone 13 Pro for a FREE instant price.
  2. Pop your iPhone 13 Pro into a box and send it to us for FREE.
  3. We’ll pay you the same day your iPhone 13 Pro arrives by bank transfer.

If you don’t want to post your device, simply head to your nearest SMARTDrop Kiosk with your phone and get paid instantly!

Want more info on how to sell iPhone devices? Check out our How it Works page.

musicMagpie is the UK’s #1 mobile phone recycling service, having won ‘Best Recycling Service’ at the What Mobile Awards multiple times! There are plenty of other reasons to choose us too:

  • We’ll pay the same day your items arrive and, thanks to our Tech Price Promise, you’re guaranteed to get the first price we offer or your phone back for FREE.
  • We’ll lock in your price for 21 days to help you beat phone depreciation.
  • We’ve paid out hundreds of millions to our happy customers.
  • We’re rated Excellent on Trustpilot based on hundreds of thousands of reviews.
  • We’ll refurbish or recycle your iPhone 13 Pro to protect the planet!

The iPhone 13 Pro looks similar to the iPhone 13, so the safest way to identify it is to look at the original packaging or go to Settings > General > About on your phone.

We’ll always give you our best possible price, but it’s worth following these steps to make sure your phone is worth as much as possible when it’s time to sell!

  1. Sell your phone as soon as you can - selling your phone sooner means you’ll make more money!
  2. Lock in the best price - even if you’re not quite ready to send it, sell your phone today and we’ll lock in the best price for 21 days.
  3. Take care of your phone - your phone is worth more if it’s in excellent condition, so use a case and try not to drop it!

You can sell pretty much every iPhone model with us, including:

If you have an Android phone to sell, check out our Sell My Phone page.

Are you still deciding on which iPhone you want next? Check out our blog post on iPhone 14 vs iPhone 13 the biggest differences.

We've even got some handy tips on why sell your iPhone for a different model. Read "should you trade in your iPhone 12 for the iPhone 13?" on our blog for more information. 

We’ll buy your phone if it’s locked to a carrier, but please make sure to remove iOS Activation Lock before sending it to us. Check out our unlock my iOS device page for more information.

Yep, but you’ll need to select ‘Poor’ as your condition if you want to sell cracked iPhone devices. All the details you need to grade your phone are available when getting your instant price.

We buy phones from all the major networks, including Three, Vodafone, EE and O2! Make sure to select your network when selling your phone to get an accurate valuation.

There’s no exact science to it, but we recommend selling your iPhone 13 Pro as soon as you can to avoid the effects of phone depreciation. Whatever you do, definitely do not leave it to gather dust in a drawer!

To make your order as smooth as possible, take these steps:

  • Sign out of your iCloud account
  • Erase all content and settings
  • Remove your SIM card (and any other accessories)
  • Unpair your iPhone from your Apple Watch (if you have one)

Check out our guide to removing your iCloud account for more information.

Yes, it is! If you throw out your iPhone 13 Pro, it’ll contribute to the world’s growing e-waste problem. E-waste is the fastest growing waste stream in the world and is responsible for polluting air, land and water.

When you sell your phone with musicMagpie, you can rest assured that we’ll refurbish or recycle it to save it from landfill and protect the environment. It’s smart for you… smart for the planet!

Apple is expected to launch the new iPhone in September. If you plan to upgrade, trade in your iPhone first. You’ll get cash to pay for your new phone and you’ll help to reduce e-waste too!

While we don’t have full details just yet, you can learn more about the new iPhone in our iPhone rumours article. Alternatively, find out more about the latest Samsung and Google devices with our mobile phone rumours article.

Trade in your iPhone 13 Pro with musicMagpie!

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