a blue iPhone 12 next to a red iPhone 13

Should you trade in your iPhone 12 for the iPhone 13?

After two years, many iPhone 12 users are finally coming to the end of their contracts, meaning one thing – it's time for an upgrade! With the iPhone 14 launch approaching and last year's iPhone 13 models still on the forefront of the market, what should you do with your old iPhone? Is it worth it to trade in your iPhone 12 for the iPhone 13?

We'll be discussing your upgrade options, how much you could get for your iPhone 12 and the best time to sell!

When should I trade in my iPhone 12?

In general, it's always best to sell your iPhone before the launch of a newer model. This is because when recent models are introduced to the market, the previous models become older and suffer from depreciation

Depreciation doesn't just happen once either – your iPhone 12 will have reduced in price when the iPhone 13 models came out and will go down in price once again when the iPhone 14 models are released. 

If you're looking to get the best price when you trade in your iPhone 12, it would be best to sell your device before the upcoming iPhone 14 launch. Although the launch hasn't got an official date, we expect it to take place in September.

For those more interested in getting the best tech upgrade, you may want to wait and see what the iPhone 14 unveiling has in store and compare the new models with the iPhone 13 devices before deciding on which phone to choose.

Is the iPhone 13 worth the upgrade?

It all comes down to what you think is worth upgrading for. While there are differences when comparing the iPhone 12 to the iPhone 13, the changes are nothing that warrants an immediate upgrade.

The iPhone 13 has a notably longer battery life, with the Pro Max models gaining an extra 8 hours of charge compared to the 12 models. The notorious iPhone notch has also been reduced in size (by 20%, to be exact) but not removed completely.

In terms of appearance, both models share the same flat-edged design with a Ceramic Shield display. If you're always running out of storage space, the iPhone 13 model beats the iPhone 12 when it comes to capacity. The iPhone 13 offers a 512GB size, and the 13 Pro Max has a whopping 1TB storage capacity.

If you're into your smartphone specs, the iPhone 13 range is slightly superior, with an A15 Bionic processor and a 28% brighter display screen than its predecessor. Along with brighter screens and faster speeds, the cameras have had an upgrade, too. The iPhone 12 models offer a 12MP primary camera and has the biggest sensor ever used in a dual-camera iPhone.

While there are no significant changes, it's clear that the iPhone 13 is the superior handset performance-wise. If you're looking to trade in your iPhone 12 and don't want to pay the high prices for a brand new model like the upcoming iPhone 14, upgrading to the iPhone 13 is a great choice.

How much can I get for my iPhone 12?

How much your iPhone is worth depends on a few factors. Condition, capacity, and age are the main factors that influence the price of your device. If your iPhone 12 is faulty or damaged, you'll get less than if it's in good condition. 

Devices that are unlocked and have bigger storage sizes generally gain higher prices than those locked in with specific carriers or with a low storage capacity. The iPhone 12 model you have will also affect your price, as the Pro and Pro Max models are usually higher priced.

Your valuation price will also depend on when you choose to sell your iPhone 12. The older your device is, the less you'll get for it, as your iPhone's price will depreciate over time. While this is partly due to age, it's also due to newer model releases, so trading in your iPhone 12 before the new iPhone 14 range is released will see you with a better price.

Of course, your price will also depend on the average market price for your device, so it's worth checking the current rate for your Phone 12.

How can I upgrade my iPhone 12 for the iPhone 13?

There are a multitude of ways to upgrade your iPhone 12. You can trade in your old iPhone 12 with your carrier and upgrade to the iPhone 13, but this option doesn't give you much choice or freedom. 

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