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Sell LG V with musicMagpie

Find out how much you can get for a LG V trade in by selecting your device below.

LG V V30

LG V V30

LG V V20

LG V V20

LG V V10

LG V V10

Here's how to sell your LG V

Sell your LG V phone with musicMagpie!

If you’re sat thinking “I’d like to sell my LG V20, but how?”- we’ve got you covered! We’ll offer you the best price for your LG V model and you can send it to us for FREE!

The LG V series launched in 2015 with the LG V10. It was introduced with a fingerprint sensor and home button, plus a leather back. Expanding on the series is the LG V20, gaining an 8MP and features a secondary display above the main screen. The LG V30 was released in 2017 with a wireless charging glass design as an added feature.

We offer a great price for LG V models, whether it’s to find out the LG V20 trade-in value or sell LG V10. Just enter your device into our valuation engine!

How to sell your LG V with musicMagpie

An LG V trade-in is super easy!

  • Choose your LG V from our menu, select the model, storage and condition
  • Put your LG V (and anything else you’re selling) into a box
  • Send your LG V to us for FREE
  • You’ll get paid the same day we receive your items with our Fast Same Day Payments! Get paid by Bank Transfer, PayPal or Cheque

The musicMagpie Tech Price Promise

Once we’ve inspected the condition of your device we promise that we’ll give you the value we first offered you for the LG V, or we’ll send it back to you for FREE. No questions asked!

musicMagpie – the fast, easy and FREE way to sell your LG V!

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