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Sell your Dell laptop with musicMagpie

You certainly can! Just follow these simple steps to trade in old Dell laptop:

  • Get a free instant valuation by telling us which model you want to sell.
  • Pack your Dell laptop and anything else you want to sell into a box.
  • Send your items to us for free using one of our convenient send options.
  • Get paid the same day your items arrive!

Wondering “can I sell my phone as well?” Good news! As well as laptops, you can sell iPhone, Samsung phones, tablets, smartwatches and much more.

Your Dell laptop trade in value depends on a number of factors, including the model you’re selling and the condition it's in. No matter what you’re selling, we offer some of the best Dell laptop trade in deals around! Just select the model you want to sell from the options above to get a free instant valuation.

There are loads of good reasons. Here are just a few!

  • Free instant valuation with no auctions, fees or hassle!
  • Sending your items is totally free and convenient.
  • You’ll get paid the same day your items arrive.
  • We’re rated Excellent on Trustpilot with over 250,000 verified reviews…
  • …and we’ve paid hundreds of millions to our happy customers!

So if it’s time to trade in your old Dell laptop, do it with musicMagpie.

Yes, you can. Sell your Dell laptop and then put the cash you make towards a refurbished MacBook from the musicMagpie Store. Our Magpie Certified Refurbished MacBooks are cheaper than buying new and go through extensive tests by our expert technicians to ensure they work perfectly.

It is! Trading in your Dell laptop helps keep it in circulation for longer, which means less e-waste and potentially less precious resources required to build new laptops. It’s smart for you, smart for the planet.

We promise to pay the first price we offer for your item or you can request it back totally free of charge. 

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