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Wondering ‘how can I sell my Samsung smartwatch’? First, get an instant valuation by selecting your Samsung smartwatch from the options below. Then, send it for FREE and we’ll pay for it the same day it arrives.

SAMSUNG  Watch3 (2020) GPS
SAMSUNG Watch3 (2020) GPS
SAMSUNG  Watch3 (2020) LTE
SAMSUNG Watch3 (2020) LTE
SAMSUNG  Watch4 4G
SAMSUNG  Watch4 Wi-Fi
SAMSUNG Watch4 Wi-Fi
SAMSUNG  Watch4 Classic 4G
SAMSUNG Watch4 Classic 4G
SAMSUNG  Watch4 Classic Wi-Fi
SAMSUNG Watch4 Classic Wi-Fi
SAMSUNG  Watch5 4G

How do I sell my Samsung Smartwatch?


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Samsung Smartwatch Trade In

Sell your Samsung Smartwatch with musicMagpie!

Yes! Trading in your Samsung smartwatch with musicMagpie has never been easier!  

Get quick cash for your unwanted tech without the hassle of auctions or fees. With Fast Same Day Payments, you’ll get paid the day we receive your tech, so you can spend your cash on whatever you like!  

Sell smartwatch devices with musicMagpie today and recycle your unwanted tech. 

Sell used tech including Samsung smartwatch devices with musicMagpie and turn your unwanted tech into cash today!  

Don’t wait around to be paid, thanks to our Fast Same Day Payments! 

Trade in with the UK’s #1 Recycling Service and make extra cash whilst also helping to protect the planet.  

Did you know we also accept other smartwatch devices? 

Selling a Samsung smartwatch online with musicMagpie is easy. All you need to do is: 

  1. Using the options at the top of this page, tell us the model, and storage of your Samsung smartwatch. Once you’ve done this, choose the condition of your device (Excellent, Good or Poor)  
  2. If you are happy with the FREE instant valuation you receive, click ‘Sell This Device’ to lock in the best price. Pop your Samsung smartwatch in a safe and secure box and send it to us free of charge!  
  3. Our Fast Same Day Payments means once we receive your device, you’ll be paid the same day via bank transfer. You can even choose to donate the value of your device to charity! 

Check out our how it works page to find out more.

Before you send your Samsung smartwatch to us, you’ll want to back up any data saved to the device that you wish to keep. Once you’ve done this, unpair your device and reset it using the steps below. 

  • Be sure to unpair the Bluetooth between your watch and phone. Do this by going on your phone and selecting Settings > Connections > Bluetooth > tap the Settings icon next to the paired watch > Unpair. Your watch will then be successfully unpaired.   
  • Reset your watch by using the Galaxy Wearable App and going to Settings > General > Reset > Tap the checkmark and follow the on-screen instructions to complete a reset.  
  • If you have a Gear S2, swipe to and tap Gear info in the Settings > tap Reset Gear > tap Factory reset > tap Done. Your device will now be reset. 
  • If you have a Galaxy Fit2 you can reset this device directly on the watch itself by:  
  1. Tapping the Home key and swiping down to open the Quick settings panel 
  2. Swipe all the way right and tap More options (three dots) 
  3. Tap the Reset icon and tap the checkmark to confirm a reset. Your device will now be reset  

The trade-in value of Samsung smartwatch devices will depend on the release date of the model and the overall condition of the device you wish to trade in. For example, devices that are well looked after and have minimal signs of wear and/or damage will be worth more than devices that have severe wear and tear and/or damage.  

Recycling your unwanted Samsung smartwatch with musicMagpie means there will be less clutter in your home and less tech in landfills. It’s smart for you…smart for the planet! 

We accept poor Samsung smartwatch devices if they aren’t snapped, bent, crushed or missing pieces and parts. Even if your device has some signs of wear and tear you can still make quick cash for it!  

Just use the options above to tell us the condition of your device and we’ll provide a FREE instant valuation. Thanks to our Tech Price Promise if, once we’ve receive your device, we must review this price for whatever reason, we will allow you 14 days to decide whether you still wish to go ahead with the new price. If you don’t, we’ll send your device back to you free of charge – simple!

Start selling your Samsung smartwatch!

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