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Sell my Nintendo 3DS Games for Cash

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Sell Nintendo 3DS Games

Holding onto a bunch of Nintendo 3DS Games? Turn them into cash and do your bit for the planet at the same time with musicMagpie!

It’s hard to give exact examples as our valuations change regularly based on a number of factors, including rarity and demand.

However, rare and popular Nintendo 3DS Games tend to fetch more. So if you’re selling a first party Nintendo title like Super Mario or Pokemon, the chances are you’ll get a little more than usual!

We will always offer our best possible price no matter what you’re selling, however.

It’s easy. Just follow these simple steps:

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  3. We’ll pay you the same day they arrive!

Don’t forget, you can trade in your Nintendo 3DS Console with us at the same time! Plus, you can sell other Nintendo Consoles and Games including: