PS4 Controller Trade-In

musicMagpie is the fast, FREE and easy way to sell PS4 controllers! Select the item you want to sell from the options below to get an instant valuation, send it to us for FREE and we’ll pay for it the same day it arrives.

SONY  PS4 Controller
SONY PS4 Controller

How do I sell PS4 controllers?


Get an instant price


Put your stuff in a box (any box will do)


Send your stuff for FREE


Get CASH in your account the day we receive your stuff

It's so easy to sell PS4 controllers with musicMagpie!

If you’re wondering where to sell PS4 controllers, you’re in the right place! You can sell PS4 controllers with musicMagpie, as well as your console and games. It’s a fast, easy and totally FREE way to trade in your PS4!

How do I sell my PS4 controller?

Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Tell us which controller you’re selling to get an instant price. You can get an instant price for your console and games at the same time too!
  2. Pack everything you’re selling into any box and send your items for FREE.
  3. We’ll pay the same day your items arrive by Bank Transfer, PayPal or Cheque.

Why should I trade in PS4 controllers with musicMagpie?

Whether you’re buying a new console or just need some extra cash, selling your console and controllers is a great way to make extra cash quickly. Our trade-in process is entirely online too, which means you don’t have to go to the high street and wait around while your console and controllers are tested.

How do I sell PS4 controllers for the best price?

We’ll always offer you the best price we possibly can, but there are a few steps you can take to make sure you get our best possible offer:

  • Sell your PS4 controller as soon as you can: like all tech products, PS4 controllers lose their value over time. The sooner you sell yours, the more money you’re likely to make!
  • Look after your PS4 controllers: the better the condition they’re in, the more we can pay!
  • Lock in the best price: we’ll lock in the best price for 21 days so it’s worth getting a valuation today even if you’re not ready to sell yet!

Can I trade in my PS4 too?

Absolutely! You can sell all PS4 models with us, including:

musicMagpie - the fast, easy and FREE way to sell your PlayStation Controllers!

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