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How much can you save buying a refurbished console?

Buying a game console as a gift, or even for yourself, can be daunting. There’s so many games consoles to choose from and you have to weigh up which games you or your family and friends will play the most – as some games aren’t available on all consoles.

You might want to save some cash by investing in a refurbished console, also known as a second hand console, pre-owned console or reconditioned console.

What are refurbished games consoles?

A refurbished games console are consoles that have been bought from a customer, undergone some checks and fixed up to a sellable standard and sold on to a new customer. They are fully tested to ensure they’re in working order

Essentially, they are used consoles that are sold on to someone new. At musicMagpie, we offer a 12 month warranty on your console so should any kind of technical fault occur, we’ll sort it out for you.

Gaming is costly, but buying a refurbished console means you can save heaps of cash compared to buying a new console from a high street retailer. But just how much money can you save on a refurbished console?

Short answer ”“ a lot. 

Buying refurbished game consoles are simpler than you think. We’ve done the sums to show you what you’re likely to save, depending on your console of choice.

PlayStation 4

Currently, PlayStation’s big hitter is the PS4. It was released in November 2013 and has gone on to sell over 70 million units since then! Although it’s been on the market for five years, it has been updated to give gamers a slim version as well as the PS4 Pro, which allows for 4K rendering as well as improved PlayStation VR performance.

How much can you save if you buy a refurbished PS4 console?

Now, the maths. If you want to get a brand new PS4 500GB, it’ll cost you £269.99 ”“ before you’ve even bought a game to play on it. If you think 1TB is a better option to store all your game data, you’re parting with close to £300.

If you decide to buy a refurbished PS4 console instead, a 500GB console in very good condition will only cost you £199.99 which saves you £70. You’ll save between £50 and £60 on the 1TB version.

The best-selling game for the PS4 is Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End which retails for roughly £40. At musicMagpie, you’ll get it for less than £10. For a console and one game ”“ you’ve already saved £100!

Buy a refurbished PS4 console from musicMagpie.

Xbox One S

PlayStation not your thing? Why not invest in an Xbox One S. This is the streamlined version of the Xbox One, which was released two years into the console’s life cycle in 2016. It supports 4K resolution but this kind of feature doesn’t come cheap. 

How much can you save if you buy a refurbished Xbox One S?

Buying a brand new one means you’ll need to spend £249.99 for the 1TB version. Or, you could save £55 by buying a refurbished Xbox One S console only through musicMagpie!

Grand Theft Auto games have always been popular and GTA V is no different. You don’t want to miss out on this immense gaming experience! Is it worth the £40 retail price? Not really when you can get it for a fraction of this ”“ it’s less than £12 on the musicMagpie Store, saving you £28 instantly.

Buy a refurbished Xbox One S console from musicMagpie.

Xbox One X

Serious gaming requires a serious console so if you’d rather take it up a notch, you’ll need an Xbox One X. This is the high-end version of the Xbox One console, with upgraded hardware and even more streamlined form! However, you can easily save with a refurbished Xbox One X console from musicMagpie!

How much can you save if you buy a refurbished Xbox One X?

Having been released in 2017, it is the most up-to-date Xbox you can buy, and if you’re buying it brand new it’ll set you back £449.99. Yikes. You could soften the blow by opting for an Xbox One X console refurbished at musicMagpie and only pay £384.99 for a 1TB Pristine model, which is as close to a new device as you can get but without paying the price of it! That’s £65 that stays in your pocket!

The money you save on your flashy Xbox One X can now be wisely spent on games. Buying Far Cry 4 brand new will take up most of that saving though, retailing at £40.99. Or you could pay as little as £8 for the same game that does the exact same thing through musicMagpie.

Buy a refurbished Xbox One console from musicMagpie.

Nintendo Wii

Remember how the Nintendo Wii would sell out with each wave of its release? They were an absolute hit and are fantastic for family games and house parties to this day!

How much can you save buying a refurbished Nintendo Wii?

New Nintendo Wii consoles (especially in white) are still selling upwards of £300 years on from its initial release date in 2012!  Nintendo Wii Console white certified refurbished consoles from musicMagpie are selling for as little as £50! Saving you a huge £250 from buying new from the high street.

As for add-ons, the famous Wii Fit is selling for as little as £2.50 on site. Wii Fits are no longer being produced, and considering how cheap they are now, it’s well worth investing in right now before they go up in price!

Buy a refurbished Nintendo Wii console from musicMagpie.

It doesn’t get much easier, does it? Opting for a refurbished console and games can literally save you £100* in minutes. As you continue to build your games collection, you can keep saving money! Why wouldn’t you?

Shop refurbished games consoles now!

*Prices correct as of 3pm, 1st August 2018.