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How do I sell my console?

It's so easy to sell consoles with musicMagpie!

musicMagpie is the easy, quick and FREE way to trade in consoles. Get an instant quote, send your console to us for FREE and we’ll pay you on the same day we receive it. We’ll pay you the first quote or we’ll send your stuff back to you for FREE!

It’s not just the most recent consoles we accept – we’ll buy your older console too! So, if you have an Atari Flashback, Retro-Bit or Ouya console, don’t let it sit losing value. Sell your conosles to musicMagpie to make some quick cash!

The Atari Flashback were a series of dedicated consoles that were updated versions of the classic 2600 and 7800 consoles. The Flashback versions were “plug in and play” so games were built in rather than using different cartridges to play.

The Ouya console is a microconsole which allowed gamers to play smartphone style games and play them on TV. The idea generated a lot of interest and raised over $8.5 million through a Kickstarter campaign, making it one of the highest-grossing campaigns to date.

Retro-Bit offer retro gamers a way to experience their favourite games from yesteryear through their consoles like Gen-X Hybrid Twin Console and Retroduo. The consoles were backwards compatible with some of the best-loved consoles of the 1980s and 1990s like the Nintendo Entertainment System and Sega Mega Drive.

If your old games aren’t seeing the light of day, get some money for them! Selling them to musicMagpie is the easiest way to sell your console.

How do I sell my console?

Get an instant price for your console by telling us which model you’re selling and what condition its in. Then, just pop it into a box and send it to us for FREE. We’ll pay you the same day we receive your items by Bank Transfer, Cheque or PayPal!

We have 5 stars from more than 60,000 verified reviews on Trustpilot and we’ve paid over £400 million to more than 5 million happy customers!

The musicMagpie Tech Price Promise

With any console trade ins, we guarantee that we will pay the first price we offer for your console or you can have the item returned to you FREE of charge!

Selling your console is easy with musicMagpie!

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