Trade in your Motorola Razr!

Thinking how to sell Motorola Razr flip phone? Get an instant price, send it for free and receive fast payment with musicMagpie! Find out how much you can make when you sell Motorola Razr phones by selecting the product you want to sell.


How do I sell my Motorola Razr?


Get an instant price for your Tech


Put your stuff in a box (any box will do)


Send your stuff for FREE


Get paid by bank transfer!

Trade in your Motorola Razr!

Sell your Motorola Razr with musicMagpie!

Yes, you sure can! Sell mobile phones with musicMagpie today and make quick cash for your unwanted devices. With us, you don’t have the stress of auctions or fees, just send your device to us FREE of charge and you’ll get paid the day we receive your items!  

Mobile phones can lose their value as newer models are released, so don’t wait around! Lock in the best price for your device for 21 days and have plenty of time to upgrade.  

What are you waiting for? Trade in with us today! 

Sell your Motorola Razr phone online with musicMagpie. It’s never been easier!  

When you sell your unwanted tech online with us you’re not only freeing up space at home but you’re also saving tech from going into landfill. Trade in with the UK’s #1 mobile recycling service and get cash while doing so. It’s smart for you…smart for the planet!  

There are a few ways that you can get the best Motorola Razr trade in deal: 

  • Trade in your unwanted devices as soon as possible! The older the model, the less it will be worth!  
  • Keep your tech in good condition. Well looked after phones that are in good condition are worth more than those that have signs of wear and tear. 
  • Lock in the best price for 21 days, giving you time to upgrade and send your device to us. 

Did you know we also accept other mobile phones? 

Check the trade in value of your Motorola Razr by: 

  1. Using the options above to tell us the storage capacity and condition of your Motorola Razr. Let us know whether it’s locked to a network or unlocked. 
  2. Once you’ve got your FREE instant valuation, pop your phone in a safe box and send it to us for free! 
  3. That’s it! Once we receive your device our Fast Same Day Payments will mean that you get paid the same day. Choose to be paid by bank transfer.  

If you don’t want to post your device, simply head to your nearest SMARTDrop Kiosk with your phone and get paid instantly!

Remember that the price you receive for your Motorola Razr will depend on the condition of the device. Motorola Razr phones that are in a good condition will be worth more than those that are ‘Poor’ or ‘Faulty’.  

We accept phones that are water damaged or cosmetically damaged. However, if you're selling a broken device make sure it's categorised as faulty. We can’t accept your device if it is snapped, bent, crushed or missing parts. 

However, please note that damaged and broken devices will be worth less than those in full working order. For more information about selling a broken Motorla Razr, head over to our broken phones page. 

Price. Box. Send. Done – musicMagpie makes selling your Motorola Razr easy.

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