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Sell your old Nokia phones!

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NOKIA  9 PureView

NOKIA 9 PureView

NOKIA  7.1


NOKIA  6 (2018)

NOKIA 6 (2018)

How do I sell my Nokia?

Sell your old Nokia phones!

Sell your Nokia with musicMagpie!

Sell your Nokia, make some cash and declutter with musicMagpie - it’s simple and completely FREE.

Where would mobile phones be without Nokia? Not only did they design the world’s first massively popular phone, the 3210, but they also had a hand in pioneering mobile data and internet.

Although they’ve been overshadowed in recent years by Apple, Samsung and HTC, Nokia continue to make brilliant handsets and are the most popular manufacturer of Windows Phones.

That hasn’t stopped a lot of Nokia users switching to Apple or Samsung, however. If you’re looking to change your phone, sell your Nokia with musicMagpie.

We buy a wide range of Nokia phones, from old classics to the latest handsets. You’ve get a great price whether you sell a Nokia Lumia 520 or a Nokia Lumia 635!

To get your instant price, just enter your item into our valuation engine. You can sell any DVDs, CDs, Games, Books or Tech that are cluttering up your home at the same time too. Once you’ve got your price, pop your Nokia, and any other items, into a box (any box will do). Then, send your items for FREE using one of our convenient send options.

With our Fast Same Day Payments, you'll then get paid the same day your items arrive. Why wouldn't you sell your mobile phone with musicMagpie?

The musicMagpie Tech Price Promise

With our Tech Price Promise, you'll get the full value we first offered for your Nokia or you can have your phone back for FREE.

Bish. Bash. Dosh – Extra cash for your old Nokia made easy with musicMagpie.

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