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How do I sell my Apple TV?

It's so easy to sell an Apple TV with musicMagpie

musicMagpie makes it easy to be savvy by giving you a way to trade in Apple TV for cash; it’s simple and easy and with the cash you make you could be well on your way towards an upgrade. So if you’re looking to sell Apple goods, or maybe sell your Apple TV, musicMagpie is the simple way to do it.

Since its introduction in 2006, the Apple TV has been a firm favourite amongst Apple fans. Believe it or not, giving people access to their iTunes through their TV was revolutionary back then – not only that but it allowed users to rent, buy or play music, movies and TV shows instantly. In addition to that, the features allowed users to stream photo and music collections effortlessly.

Since 2006 Apple TV has seen a few upgrades across several generations; users can control the Apple TV from their iPhone, iPod or MacBook as well as using the Apple TV’s peer-to-peer functions.

If you’re thinking that it’s about time to upgradethen musicMagpie can help you sell your Apple TV quickly and easily. All you have to do is pop it in a box, any box, along with the rest of your unwanted stuff, and send it to us with one of our handy FREE send options. Then, we'll pay you on the same day it arrives by bank transfer, PayPal or cheque. Why wouldn't you?

musicMagpie - why wouldn't you?

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