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Sell your LG phone!

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LG  v10

LG v10

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LG V30



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LG G4 Dual

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LG  G4 Stylus

LG G4 Stylus

LG  G4


How do I sell my LG Mobile Phone?

Sell your LG phone!

Sell your LG Mobile Phone with musicMagpie!

Wondering "where can I sell my LG G3 wihout any hassle?" Try musicMagpie! We make it easy to make extra cash by selling unwanted tech, like your old LG. So if you’re looking for a quick, simple and free way to sell LG handsets, then let musicMagpie show you just how easy it is to a href="/sell-mobile-phones/" title="Sell Mobile Phones">sell mobile phones with us.

Not only that, but aside from getting an instant offer price for your LG, musicMagpie lets you sell the rest of your unwanted clutter too in one quick, simple and free transaction. So not only can you get rid of the mobile phones you don’t want anymore, but you can start making cash from the rest of your unwanted stuff too!

When LG first arrived in the mobile phone market, they were considered a bit of an outsider, but since then they have gone from strength to strength and have now established themselves as one of the biggest mobile phone brands in the world as they continue to sell LG phones in their millions.

Focusing on Android handsets, LG have made room for themselves in a crowded marketplace by continuing to offer phones that combine performance with innovative design.

As technology progresses, however, customers are continuing to look towards upgrading their phone to one with the latest specs and features.

With musicMagpie, you can sell your LG phone and we’ll give you cash to do it; in fact, we make it really easy for you to sell your unwanted tech and the extra money you get could be put towards an upgrade – all you have to do is send it off to musicMagpie and we’ll sort out the rest.

When it comes to sending your LG to us, it couldn’t be easier; just pop it in a box, any box, and then send it to us using one of our FREE send options.

When your items arrive, we'll check them over then pay you the same day by bank transfer, PayPal or cheque. Why wouldn't you sell your mobile with musicMagpie?

Price. Box. Send. Done. Selling your unwanted LG handsets with musicMagpie really is that easy!

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