How much can I sell my iPhone 13 for?

The iPhone 13 has been a huge success since its release in September 2021. But with Apple releasing other iPhone models as each year goes by, there's never been a better time to trade-in. 

If you love having the newest iPhone and upgrading your device each year, we've got you covered! Upgrade for less by switching to a refurbished iPhone 14 at the musicMagpie Store. 

Read on to learn more about why you should sell your iPhone with musicMagpie and how much you're likely to get for your device.

Why should I sell my iPhone 13?

Apple release a new series of iPhone models each year, and with each series they unveil, your iPhone 13 will lose value. 

If you like to upgrade your iPhone every release and get your hands on the newest model, then make extra cash today by trading in and putting it towards your upgrade!

Due to phone depreciation, your iPhone 13 device will lose value once new models are released. So we encourage you to sell iPhone 13 with us, including trade in iPhone 13 Mini, sell your iPhone 13 Pro or make an iPhone 13 Pro Max trade in!

How can I get the best price for my iPhone 13?

Selling your iPhone 13 with musicMagpie is the way to go! There are a few things you can do to make sure you get the best price possible:

  • Trade in as soon as you can! When new models are released, older models drop in value. 
  • Lock in your iPhone 13 for 21 days so you've got enough time to upgrade. 
  • We pay more for devices in excellent condition, so take care of your device and make sure it's in the best possible condition when you trade in.

How much is my iPhone 13 worth?

To find out the value of your device with musicMagpie, we need to know the model, condition, storage and whether your phone is locked to a network or unlocked. 

One of the main factors which affect the price is the condition. You'll need to choose from Excellent, Good or Poor. Each of these conditions has full descriptions of what they mean and are a guide to help you sell your device.

To make sure you get an accurate price, you'll need to choose the correct condition. 

Here's how much your iPhone 13 could be worth:

Model  Price (Excellent condition)
iPhone 13 128GB £267
iPhone 13 256GB  £305
iPhone 13 512GB £320
iPhone 13 Mini 128GB £235
iPhone 13 Mini 256GB £255
iPhone 13 Mini 512GB £285
iPhone 13 Pro 128GB £342
iPhone 13 Pro 256GB £372
iPhone 13 Pro 512GB  £400
iPhone 13 Pro 1TB


iPhone 13 Pro Max 128GB £392
iPhone 13 Pro Max 256GB £410
iPhone 13 Pro Max 512GB £425
iPhone 13 Pro Max 1TB £455
Prices based on excellent condition and accurate as of 21/05/2024

Where's the best place to sell iPhone 13 devices?

Get a FREE valuation for your iPhone 13 with musicMagpie without worrying about fees or hassle!

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Why sell my iPhone 13 with musicMagpie?

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