New iPhone 13 Design – Surprise Revealing

There’s been a ton of iPhone 13 leaks and we can’t get enough! Today, we’re rounding up all the iPhone 13 design leaks to get you excited about what’s to come.

Faster charging

With increased spec means increased demand and horsepower. It’s rumoured that the iPhone 13 will have faster charging rates, reportedly at around 25W. In the past, the highest charging rate was 18W and the iPhone 12 saw this increase to 20W. So whilst a 5W increase isn’t big, it is when you consider the iPhone’s history of charging rates!

We still don’t know if the iPhone 13 will be powered with MagSafe like the iPhone 12, or if it’ll have to be charged with a Lightning port. We’ll give you an update on the new iPhone charging port as soon as we know.

ProMotion display

We expected a high refresh rate on the iPhone 12 but sadly, we never got it. This year, however, everyone’s hopes are sky high and we hope to get 120Hz refresh rates – meaning faster loading and a smoother appearance. This is expected to appear on the Pro and Pro Max models, but the 13 and 13 Mini models may keep to their standard 60Hz refresh rate.

Thicker design and bigger battery

Supposedly, we’re getting a bigger battery for the iPhone 13! This means the phone will be a little bulkier to accommodate the size of the battery. This might be a game-changer for those who prefer slimmer phones, but who doesn’t want a bigger battery, right?

It’s rumoured the batteries will be in the 3000+mAh mark, which is already a big jump from the iPhone 12.

Small notch

The iPhone 13 is expected to come with a smaller notch, due to the fact it’ll have a smaller Face ID sensor. This is purely speculation, but it would make sense if this is the case.

This could be a real game changer for some, as it means a “wider” display – or rather more screen space to enjoy. It’s something many iPhone users have asked for, so we anticipate its release…

Major camera updates

Almost every new iPhone release has come with a bigger and better camera, so we’re excited to see what the iPhone 13 has in store.

Supposedly, it’ll have improved low-lighting capture capability thanks to its sensor-shift stabilization. The ultra-wide lenses will also have an f/1.8 aperture – meaning more light on your photos. Plus, there’ll be autofocus support too – so you can focus on the right subjects when taking your snaps.

The LiDar scanner featured in the 12 range should also remain on the iPhone 13 lineup too!

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