iPhone 14 mock up design

When is the iPhone 14 release date?

As we inch closer and closer toward the fall season, many Apple fanatics and eager iPhone users patiently await the official iPhone 14 unveiling. But with Apple's repetitive history, can we deduce the iPhone 14 release date before Apple makes any announcements? 

With rumours and alleged leaks ramping up, there is a lot of speculation over this year's iPhone launch – including major design changes and spec upgrades. Will Apple stay true to their usual iPhone launch timeline, or will they surprise us all with an early or late unveiling? Here's what we can expect if Apple follows the same structure as usual!

Previous iPhone announcements timeline

Previous announcements suggest that Apple is a creature of habit, with most iPhone announcements starting in September. In fact, since 2014, all but one iPhone launch (thanks to COVID-19) was announced in September. 

If we look at the exact dates of previous iPhone announcements, it seems Tuesdays are the prominent day of choice for Apple. More specifically, the second Tuesday of September is usually the date of the first unveiling, with the official commercial release date following around 10-11 days later (often on a Friday).  

As a general rule, Apple tends to release all iPhone models together. However, there have been a few occasions where they have strayed from this. The iPhone XR was released in October, a whole month behind the iPhone XS and XS Max models, while the iPhone X was released even later in November. 

In 2020, there was a staggered release, as the iPhone 12 and Pro were released a month before the Mini and Pro Max models – although this was due to the struggles faced during the pandemic. Things seemed to improve for the iPhone 13 launch in 2021, with only a minor supply issue in the summer season.  

What rumours are there so far?

According to iDropNews, Apple is set to host an event on "week 37" of the year, which is the week commencing 12 September. While this lines up with previous Apple timelines, there could be potential for the release date to be pushed forward or even behind.

A new claim by tipster Max Weinbach suggests we could see the unveiling of the iPhone 14 models as soon as 6 September. While Weinbach doesn't have complete faith in his sources, he claims the iPhone 14 range could go on sale on 16 September. 

In terms of specs and design, the rumours are varied. Some leaks suggest a "complete redesign", while others mention minor appearance changes. The Mini model will likely be scrapped in favour of a 6.7-inch iPhone 14 Max, while the Pro models could see the signature notch replaced with a pair of pill and hole-shaped cutouts. 

Our guess on the iPhone 14 release date

If history is to repeat itself, the iPhone 14 release date to be on 13 September, with preorders to commence from 16 September ahead of the official commercial release on 23 September. 

But with the latest release date leak suggesting an early date of 6 September, it could possible that Apple will stray from their usual timeline once again. 

As nothing is set in stone until Apple makes an announcement, this is just an educated guess!

Are there any potential delays?

Reports have surfaced suggesting that iPhone 14 production may suffer delays due to supply issues and the short lockdown in April of the Chinese city Zhengzhou, which was close to the iPhone manufacturing facilities operated by Foxconn. However, Foxconn's chairman Young Liu described the lockdown's impact on his company as "limited," showing no real signs of eager iPhone users worrying.

A delay is further fuelled by the growing tensions between China and Taiwan. A new report from GSMArena states that US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's recent visit to Taiwan has caused China to retaliate by incorporating new regulations forbidding any mention of "Taiwan" or "Republic of China" in shipping documents.

This new regulation could affect Apple as they are TSMC's top customer, and the company ships chips to Pegatron in China, where Foxconn assemble the iPhones. This means that there could be issues with shipping hardware resulting in hardware being returned to Taiwan and delaying iPhone 14 production. 

Luckily, Apple is already in talks with its Taiwanese partners to adjust the labelling accordingly to avoid disruptions. But don't worry too much, as a report also claims that Apple will ship the new iPhone 14 models simultaneously from factories in China and India.

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