Mobile Phone Rumours: New Phones in 2023 and Beyond

With a plethora of mobile phone rumours doing the rounds, we’ve looked at the most talked-about phones set for release in 2023 and beyond, potential prices, and the devices we were expecting to make an appearance but haven’t just yet!

iPhone 15

Image: iPhone 14 series

What is it? The latest iPhone, obviously.

Why should I care? It’s the new iPhone! Aside from that, some of the rumoured features sound very appealing: the Dynamic Island for all models, new colours and a few new design tweaks that we won't spoil here. Take a look at our dedicated iPhone 15 rumours report for the full lowdown!

When will it launch? The launch event will likely take place on the 6th or 12th of September 2023, with a full release in late September.

Samsung Galaxy S24

Image: Samsung Galaxy S23

What is it? The latest flagship smartphone from Samsung.

Why should I care? If rumours are true, Samsung could produce the best Ultra model we've seen so far with impressive LTPO displays.

In addition, rumours from AndroidAuthority suggest the S24 will also have:

  • A lighter, titanium-clad body for the Ultra model.
  • Improvements on the telephoto camera and boosted display and performance.
  • New 13th generation (M13) high-performance OLED panels.

When will it launch? No official announcement yet but it could arrive in February 2024.

Google Pixel 8

Image: Google Pixel 7

What is it? The latest flagship device from Google.

Why should I care? 

The Pixel 8 and 8 Pro are rumoured to have a new and refined design, along with upgraded internals and even better camera hardware. Plus, they're likely to be the first Pixel model running Android 14!

When will it launch? The Pixel 8 is expected to be announced and released in October 2023. 

OnePlus 12

Image: OnePlus 6 

What is it? The new flagship model from OnePlus.

Why should I care? The OnePlus 12 is expected to have a periscope lens, an improved new-gen 6.7-inch 2K AMOLED display with a 120Hz refresh rate AND the as-yet-unreleased Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor.

When will it launch? OnePlus usually launches its new flagship models in the first quarter of the year, so we can expect the OnePlus 12 to be revealed in February 2024.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 / Galaxy Z Fold 5

Image: Samsung Galaxy Fold 3

What is it? The latest foldable and clamshell phones from Samsung.

Why should I care? It sounds like Samsung could have finally addressed the main pain points when it comes to the Fold models, with rumours suggesting a change to the Fold's display to tackle that pesky display crease. Along with the Galaxy Fold 5, it's believed that Samsung will release the Flip 5 which is expected to have a much larger cover screen, taking up nearly all the space on the front cover of the phone.

When will it launch? Late July/early August of 2024 is the safest bet based on previous Flip/Fold launches.

Sony Xperia 5 V

Image: Sony Xperia 1

What is it? Sony's newest top-tier phone

Why should I care? Leaked images suggest a two-lens camera setup, and with the quality of the Xperia 1 V's camera system, we can only imagine what treats Sony has in store! The 5 V model is said to offer the latest-gen Qualcomm CPUs, along with a 21:9 aspect ratio.

When will it launch? We could see the Xperia 5 V on the shelves by October 2023.

OnePlus Open

Image: OnLeaks x SmartPrix

What is it? The first foldable phone from OnePlus.

Why should I care? OnePlus will launch its first-ever foldable phone to rival the Galaxy Z Fold series, for those who don't like Samsung or want a cheaper alternative to the current foldable phones on the market. Little is known about this device, but rumours suggest the model could have a shorter, wider display when compared to the new Galaxy Z Fold handset.

When will it launch? The big reveal is rumoured for as early as September 2024, with the release following soon after.

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