Tech Price Promise

Tech Price Promise

We will pay you the full amount quoted or send your Tech back for FREE... that's a promise!

Here at musicMagpie, we know just how important it is to our customers that they get the best price for their stuff. That’s why we offer the musicMagpie Tech Price Promise.

We like to make things simple when it comes to selling your stuff, so unlike some other websites who advertise one price and then offer a much lower one when you’ve sent your items, we’ll give you an instant price for your Tech that’s guaranteed or we’ll send your stuff back to you for FREE.

The musicMagpie Tech Price Promise is simple. We guarantee to pay you the full amount quoted or send your Tech back to you for FREE... yes, FREE!

How does it work?

When you sell a Tech item, we’ll give you an instant offer price based on the description provided.

Occasionally, after carrying out our quality assessment checks, we find the item differs from the description provided. It could be in a different condition or a different make and model than described. Unfortunately, when this happens, we may have to reduce our initial offer price.

If this is the case with your item, you’ll receive an email with a revised offer price. You’ll then have 14 days to accept or decline the offer using the link provided. If you decline, we’ll return your item FREE of charge. It really is that simple!

Too good to be true?

Nope, at musicMagpie we like to make things as easy and straight forward as possible, so if we offer you a different price to the one you were quoted online, for any reason, and you’re not happy, we will send your Tech back to you for free - that’s our promise.

Note: This applies to all Tech products. For details on CDs, DVDs, Games & Books, please see our T&Cs.

* Our Tech Price Promise applies to Tech items only. CDs, DVDs, Games & Books and any other items are not covered. If you do not respond to our revised offer price within 14 days, we will process your item at the new revised price. Our Price Promise does not cover devices flagged as lost or stolen by CheckMEND or activation locked to an iCloud or Samsung account. However, you will have the opportunity to appeal CheckMEND’s decision and to remove any accounts remotely.