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Apple iPhone Recycling at musicMagpie

Trade in your old iPhone for cash with the UK’s No.1 Mobile Phone Recycler and use it towards your next upgrade. No matter the cosmetic condition, we’ll give you cash for your fully functioning iPhone and pay you the same day it arrives in our warehouse.

It’s smart for you and smart for the planet!

How does iPhone recycling work?

iPhone recycling works by trading it into a trusted service like us, who’ll pay you for your old device after providing a valuation.

Perhaps you’re done with your iPhone, want cash to upgrade to a new one or your old iPhone is broken. Instead of keeping it in a drawer “just in case” or holding onto a broken iPhone because you're not sure how to dispose of it, you could give it a new lease of life and recycle your iPhone with musicMagpie!

Why should I recycle my iPhone?

The UK alone produces 25kg per person - way above the European average of 20kg. Globally, we produce over 50 million tonnes of e-waste - and phones have been reported to be the worst culprit.

Plus, 74% of Apple’s carbon footprint comes from the manufacturing process, with just 17% coming from actual use. The stats are staggering enough to make you want to do something about this growing issue!

It’s common knowledge that all of this waste is terrible for the environment. When you recycle your iPhone, other phones, or tech items, you save tonnes of e-waste from entering landfill. In fact, by recycling your iPhone you can:

  • Help preserve the planet’s precious materials
  • Reduce carbon emissions that are harming the environment and vital ecosystems
  • Promote a circular economy - where materials can be extracted from existing tech rather than mined unnecessarily.

What does musicMagpie do with old iPhones?

Before we test your iPhone, we’ll remove all casing and screen protectors.

Every iPhone is professionally cleaned before we put it under our 90-point check system by the leading industry software ‘Phonecheck’. This also includes the removal of any personal data that might have been left on the device.

Then, based on the results of our checks, we’ll pay your quoted valuation. If there are any faults, then we’ll come back to you with a revised offer. Assuming everything goes ahead, we’ll then assess whether the phone can be refurbished, or used for spare parts to refurbish another device. If we can’t refurbish your old iPhone, we’ll send it to an accredited recycler that will recycle your device ethically and responsibly.

How to recycle my iPhone?

It’s really easy to recycle your old iPhone!

  • Tell us the capacity and condition of your iPhone to get an instant price. No auctions, no fees, no hassle!
  • Then, pop your iPhone into a box and send it using one of our FREE send options.
  • With our Fast Same Day Payments, you’ll get paid the same day your phone arrives by bank transfer or PayPal!

It’s that easy! If you need more information, check out our how it works page. Join millions of happy customers and recycle your iPhone with us today!

Can I recycle my iPhone with musicMagpie?

Yes! You can sell iPhone devices with musicMagpie. Here are the generations we currently accept:

So what are you waiting for? Do your bit and recycle your iPhone the smart way with musicMagpie!

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